Rite Aid 5/15-5/21: Huggies Little Swimmers $2.33ea!

Y’all are sharp and are probably thinking…this is in the Crystal Ball.  Yep, it is, but too many people are telling me about great deals here and there for Little Swimmers until Saturday.  You KNOW I’ve gotta help.  Here’s the deal, there’s a new coupon coming for these on Sunday…same value – $2.00/1.  Here’s a fabulous deal at Rite Aid to snag these for a heap less than $4.99ea!  Please don’t pay $4.99 if you don’t have to!  Hopefully, you have a Rite Aid!

$5 UP Reward on $20 (lim 2)
Huggies Little Swimmers (and other assorted items) $7.00
$2.00/1 5/15 insert
$1.00/1 HERE

3 – Huggies Little Swimmers $7.00
Total: $21.00
3 – $2.00/1 5/15 insert
1 – $3.00/$15 Survey Coupon
Pay:  $12.00
Get $5.00 UP Reward
Final after UP: 3/$7.00 or  $2.33ea!

Catalina Deal: New Lunchables w/Fruit Coupon!

You have until 5/15 to take advantage of this Nationa Catalina deal!  Buy Lunchables w/Fruit from 4/18-5/15 and get these corresponding Catalinas:

Buy 2 Get $1.00
Buy 3 Get $2.00
Buy 4 Get $3.00

Now, there’s a new $1.00/1 coupon on Facebook to go along with his deal!  Head over here and like Lunchables on Facebook, check out the Keep the Smiles Coming tab, upload a photo and share with your friends to get your coupon.  It’s a lot of work , but at minimum, you’ll knock $3.00/2 when you include the value of the Catalina AND you’ll help donate fruit too!  If you’ve got a little person who loves Lunchables…and clearly I do, you’ll want to bother with this coupon too!  But hurry, we only have until Sunday!

Thanks, Christy!

Smokey Bones: FREE Appetizer!

I’m so crazy frugal…no really.  I absolutely NEVER get an appetizer unless I have a coupon for it.  My husband and I always pick meals we can split –  like fajitas, etc.  Any chance I get to snag a free app, I’m on it…cause I really love appetizers.  Crispy, crunchy, fried anything is my favorite.  So, of course, I signed up for Smokey Bones newsletter to get a coupon for a free appetizer!  You want one too?  Head over here and sign up!