What I’m Printing 5/13 – Boost, CeraVe, Cooking Light Mag, Windex and More!

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OK, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m working on Walgreens and I just had to pull these together because I was hunting around for a coupon I thought I saw.  Haha!

Zip 90210
$1.50/1 Boost Drink or Powder
$1.00/1 CeraVe
$1.00/1 Cooking Light Magazine
$3.00/1 Windex Window Cleaning Tool Starter Kit
$2.00/1 InStyle Magazine
FREE Jello Flag Mold with $2.50 Postage & Handling

Freebies & Cheapies at CVS 5/15-5/21!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

Scan your card at Big Red and you WILL get a coupon for $3.00/$10.00 Health Care Purchase!

Items within a particular sale grouping are brown and deal ideas are green.

Need more help?  Here you go or send me a message. 

Pepsi 2L 5/$5.00
(lim 5)
FREE Pepsi Max wyb Tostitos Chips and Dip Pepsico
$0.55/1 Diet Pepsi 3/6SS
Final: FREE Pepsi Max with purchase of Tostitos
Chips and Dip


Finesse, Pert Plus, Fruitopia 2/$5.00
Sham, Cond or Styler
$2.00 MIR HERE
$1.00/1 Finesse 5/8SS
$1.00/1 Pert Plus 5/15SS
Final after MIR: 1 FREE Finesse

Speed Stick or Lady $2.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)

$1.00/1 Reinventing Beauty Magazine (CVS)

$0.50/1 5/1SS
Final after ECB: FREE


Buy One Get One FREE
Brut or Sure APDO ($2.99 for Sure)
$1.00/1 Sure 5/15SS
$1.00/1 Brut 4/10SS
Final: 2/$0.99 or $0.48ea


Right Guard or Dry Idea APDO $2.99
$1.00ECB on 1 (lim 2)
B1G1F Dry Idea or Right Guard 5/1RP
Final after ECB: 2/$0.99 or $0.49ea


Bumble Bee Albacore Tuna in Water 5oz $0.77
(lim 10)
Final: $0.77


Select Items 5/$5.00
CVS Brand Tissue
CVS Earth Essentials Paper Towels
Just the Basics Dish Soap
Renuzit Cones
Scott Bath Tissue Single Roll
Final: 3/$2.45 or $0.81ea


Buy $10  Get $3.00 ECB
M&M’s 4/$10.00
Mars Chocolate 2/$6.00
Minis Assorted 10-11.5oz
Snickers Fun Size 11.18-11.5oz or 6pk


Eclipse or Orbit Gum 2/$4.00


Mints $1.00
Eclipse 50ct
Altoids 0.37-1.76 (excludes Chocolate)


Dove Choc. Bar 2/$3.00
$0.75/2 5/1RP
Final: 2/$2.25


Buy One Get One FREE ($2.37 for 6.25oz)
LifeSavers 6.25-7oz or SF 2.75oz


Mars Chocolate $1.00
King Size 1.94-3.63oz
M&M’s Theater Box 3.4oz


Mars Chocolate 4/$5.00


5 Gum 3pk 2/$5.00


Starburst or Skittles 2/$5.00


Dove Moments 2/$6.00
4.5oz or Minis 8.5-11oz
$1.00/1 5/1RP
Final: 2/$4.00


2 – Dove Moments $6.00
2 – Dove Choc. Bars $3.00
1 – Mars King Size $1.00
Total: $10.00
2 – $2.00/1 5/1RP
1 – $0.75/2 5/1RP
Pay: $7.25
Get $3.00 ECB on $10
Final after ECB: 5/$4.25 or $0.85ea


Soap $0.88
Irish Spring Bar Soap 2pk
Softsoap Liq Hand 7.5oz
Final: $0.88


Dial or Tone Bar Soap 2-3ct $1.88
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
Final after ECB: $0.88


Gold Emblem Canned Vegetables and Spices $0.88
14.5-15.2oz for Vegs
0.49-8oz for Spices (excludes Vanilla Extract and
Chicken Boullion)
Final: $0.88


Aussie or HE 2/$5.97
Sham, Cond or Styler
$2.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 He or Aussie PG Everyday Savings
$0.50/1 Aussie or HE 5/1PG
Final after ECB: 2/$1.97 or $0.98ea


HVR or Kraft Dressing 16oz $1.99
$1.00/1 HVR – This is really old,
still valid?
$1.50/2 5/15RP
Final: $0.99 for HVR


$10.00 ECB wyb 2 (lim 1)
Neutrogena Sun Care or Sunless Tanning
$1.00/1  Sun Care Item 5/8SS


2 – Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil Free Sunblock
Stick SPF 30 $7.99
Total:  $15.98
2 – $2.00/1 Above
Pay: $11.98
Get $10.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$1.98 or $0.99ea


Cottonelle Wipes 42ct $1.99
$1.00/1 HERE
$0.50/1 5/15SS
Final: $0.99


Buy One Get One FREE (lim 6)
Sundown Vitamins ($3.99ish)
Disney or Marvel Gummies
$3.00/2 Sundown
$1.00/1 Sundown
Vitamin or Supplement 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Sundown Product or HERE
$1.00/1 Ester-C or HERE
Final: Dunno what the cheapest Sundown Vitamin is,
but you’ve got to be close with the $3.00/2 coupon!  Don’t forget about the $3/$10 coupon either!


Cleaners 2/$4.00
Pine Sol 28oz
Tilex Mold & Mildew 16oz
SOS Soap Pads
$1.00/1 Pine Sol
Final: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea for Pine Sol


Select Grocery or Snack Items 10/$10.00
Ritz Bits Cups
Single Serve Kraft Mac & Cheese
Gold Emblem Snacks
Final: $1.00ea


Puffs With Lotion 2/$3.00
$0.50/1 PG BrandSampler
Final: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea


Aquafresh Advanced or Sensitive 2/$5.00
6oz or 5.6oz respectively
$1.00 ecb on  2 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 Advanced
Final after ECB: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea


Condiments 2/$4.00
Kraft Miracle Whip 22oz
Kraft Mayo 30oz
Ketchup 32oz
$0.75/1 Miracle Whip or Mayo 5/15SS
Final: 2/$2.50 or $1.25ea


V8 Splash 64oz or Veg Juice 46oz 2/$5.00
$1.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$0.50/1 V8 veg 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
$1.00/2 Splash 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
$1.00/2 Veg Juice
Final after ECB: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea


Newtons Fruit Thins 2/$5.00
$1.00/1 5/8SS
Final: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea


Buy $15 Get $5 ECB
Nivea Lip Care 0.17-0.35oz ($2.99)
$1.00/1 All You May


Nivea Body Wash or Shower Gel $4.88
$1.00/1 All You May


All Nivea Body Lotion, Cream or Serum $1.00 off
$2.00/1 Body 5/15RP or 5/1RP


Nivea For Men Facial Care $1.00 off ($6.99)
(ETS & Gift Sets)


1 – Nivea Lip Care $2.99
3 – Nivea Body Wash $4.88
Total: $17.63
1 – $1.00/1 Nivea Lip All You May
1 – B2G1F Nivea BW All You June
Pay: $11.75
Get $5.00 ECB on $15
Final after ECB: 4/$6.75 or $1.68ea


Buy One Get One 50% off
Pantene Pro-V
Sham, Cond or Styler ($4.99)
$2.00/1 Product PG BrandSampler
$3.00/2 Product 5/1PG
$2.00/2 Product PG Brandsaver
$1.00 off Sham AND Cond PG Everyday Savings
Final: 2/$3.48 or $1.74ea


Fiber One Cereal 2/$6.00
$1.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$0.75/1 HERE or HERE OR HERE
$0.50/1 4/17SS
Final after ECB: 2/$3.50 or $1.75ea


Lysol Neutra Air or Air Wick Freshmatic $5.99
$4.00/1 Air Wick 4/17SS
$1.00/1 Air Wick
Final: $1.99


Olay Daily Facials $3.99
Cleanser 6.78-7oz
Day or Night Cream 2oz
$2.00/1 PG BrandSampler
$1.00/1 PG Everyday Savings
Final: $1.99


Buy $7 Get $3.00 ECB (lim 1)
Band Aid or Neosporin ($2.99 for Band Aid Sheer
Assorted and Neosporin 0.5oz $5.79)
$1.50 off Neosporin AND Band Aid 4/17SS
$0.50/1 Neosporin or Band Aid 4/17SS


1 – Neosporin Original $0.5oz $5.79
1 – Band Aid Assorted Sheer $2.99
Total: $8.78
1 – $1.50 off Band Aid AND Neosporin 4/17SS
Pay: $7.28
Get $3.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$4.28 or $2.14ea


Buy One Get One 50% off
Got2b Stylers ($5.99)
$2.00/1 All You June or April
Final: 2/$4.98 or $2.49ea


Polident or Poligrip $4.49
Cleaner 78-84ct
2.2-2.4oz Tube
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 Polident 5/15RP
$1.00/1 Super Poligrip Product 5/15RP
Final after ECB: $2.49


Sensodyne or ProNamel Toothpaste 4oz $4.49
$1.00 ECB  on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 ProNamel Toothpaste 5/15RP or 4/10RP or HERE
$1.00/1 Product
$0.75/1 Toothpaste 5/15RP
Final after ECB: $2.49


Kettle Chips 2/$5.00
FREE Sierra Mist Natural wyb Kettle Chips Pepsico
Final: $2.50ea + FREE Sierra Mist


Grocery Items 2/$6.00
Stouffers Panini
Hot Pockets
Haagen-Dazs 14oz
Gatorade 4pk 20oz
Aquafina Water 12pk 12-16.9oz or 6pk 24oz
$1.00/1 Haagen Dazs All You April
$1.10/3 Stouffers
Final: 2/$4.00 or $2.00ea for Haagen Dazs


Buy $20 Get $5.00ECB (lim 1)
L’Oreal Hair Care
Root Rescue
Preference Color
EverPure/Strong/Sleek Sham, Cond or Treat ($6.99)
$2.00/1 Preference 3/20RP (exp 5/15) or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Root Rescue 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Ever Treatment 5/15RP or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Ever Sham or Cond 5/15RP or 4/17RP


L’Oreal Vive or Studio $2.99
Sham, Cond, Styler or Treatment
$1.00/1 Vive Styler 5/15RP or 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Vive Shampoo 5/15RP or 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Studio 5/15RP or 4/10RP
Final: $1.99


2 – EverPure/Strong/Sleek Sham and/or Cond $6.99
3 – Vive or Studio $2.99
Total: $22.95
2 – $1.00/1 Ever Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
3 – $1.00/1 Vive or Studio 4/10RP or 5/15RP
Pay: $17.95
Get $5.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 5/$12.95 or $2.59ea


Buy $15 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Any L’Oreal Foundation, Powder, Blush, Concealer or
Eye (Excludes Clearance)
$3.00/1 Visible Lift 4/17RP
$2.00/1 True Match Marie Claire Mar or Glamour Mar
$2.00/1 Cosmetic Face Product or 4/17RP
$2.00/1 Eye Product or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Cosmetic 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Eye Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)


L’Oreal Mascara $5.99
Extra Volume
Voluminous Million Lashes
Voluminous Eyeliner


L’Oreal True Match $6.99
Foundation, Blush, Powder or Concealer
(excludes Compact Roller)


Slipping in an eye shadow will lower your total, but
I think we’ve had enough scenarios with eye shadow.
If you need more though, it’s $5.49ish.
2 – L’oreal Mascara $5.99
1 – L’Oreal True Match $6.99
Total: $18.97
2 – $2.00/1 Eye Product Above
1 – $2.00/1 Cosmetic Face Product or Magazine
Coupons Above
Pay: $12.97
Get $5.00 ECB on $15.00
Final after ECB: 3/$7.97 or $2.65ea


Filippo Berio Olive Oil 16.9-17oz $3.99
$1.00/1 4/3SS or HERE or HERE
1% off Upromise
Final: $2.99


Wisk 2x Ultra or HE Liq $4.99
26-32 loads
$2.00/1 5/15RP
$1.00/1 HERE
Final: $2.99


Purex Complete Crystals $3.99
32 loads
$1.00/1 HERE or 5/1RP
Final: $2.99


Scott Choose A Size 2/$10.00
Mega Roll Paper Towels
$2.00 ECB on 2
$1.00/1 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
Final after ECB: 2/$6.00 or $3.00


Lipton Iced Tea $4.99
12pk 16.9oz Bottles
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$2.00/2 HERE or Pepsico Moments
Final after ECB: 2/$6.98 or $3.49ea


All Lubriderm $6.99
$3.00/1 Men’s 3in1 Lotion 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Body Lotion, Cream or Ointment 4/10RP
Final: $3.99


Bayer Aspirin $4.99
Low Dose 120ct
AM Extra Strength or Woemns Low Dose + calcium 50-
$1.00/1 XS 5/1SS
$1.00/1 81mg or 325mg 3/20SS or 5/1SS
Final: $3.99


All Neutrogena Eye, Lip or Blush $6.99
$3.00/1 Cosmetics All You May or April
Final: $3.99


Oral Care $5.99
Sensodyne Iso-active Toothpaste
Biotene Rinse 16oz
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 IsoActive
$0.75/1 Sensodyne Iso-active 5/15RP
Final: $4.99


Biore, Jergens or Curel $6.99
(excludes Jergens Nat Glow)
FREE Biore Cleanser wyb Strips 3/6SS
$1.50/1 Curel Foot Cream (if included)
Final: $6.99 for Biore Cleanser and Strips


Buy $25 Get $10.00 ECB (Lim 1)
L’oreal Youth Code $30.00
Starter Kit
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $27.00


L’Oreal Youth Code $22.00
Serum, Day Lotion, Eye or Night Cream 0.5-1.7oz
Final: $19.00


All L’Oreal Sublime Glow or Bronze ($10.99)
$1.00/1 Bronze Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $9.99


L’Oreal Skin Care $15.00
Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair
Collagen Filler (excludes Moisture Filler)
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP or 5/15RP
Final: $13.99


L’Oreal Cleanser $6.00
Towelettes 30ct
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $4.00


2 – l’Oreal Revitalift or Collagen Filler $15.00
Total: $30.00
2 – $2.00/1 $2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
Pay: $26.00
Get $10.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$16.00 or $8.00ea


Tide or Gain $10.94
Regular or HE 48-64 loads (lim 3)
$1.00/1 Tide PG Brandsampler or PG Everyday Savings
$1.00/1 Gain 5/1PG or 4/17RP or PG Everyday Savings
$0.35/1 Tide 5/1PG
Final: $9.94


John Frieda Precision Foam Color $11.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (Lim 1)
Final after ECB: $9.99


Olay TE Facial Care (excludes wet cloths) $18.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (lim 10)
$5.00 off Moisturizer wyb Venus Cartridge 5/1PG
$2.00/1 Moist or Cleanser 5/15SS
$2.00/1 Cleanser PG BrandSampler
$1.00/1 Moisturizer PG Everyday Savings
Final after ECB: $11.99 wyb Venus Cartridge or


Buy $25 Get $5 ECB (lim 1)
Huggies Box Diapers 56-96ct $19.00
Snug & Dry
Little Movers
$3.50/1 Diapers
$2.00/1 Little Movers 5/15SS or HERE
$2.00/1 Diapers
Final: $16.50


Huggies Wipes $6.00
Mega Pack 184-216ct
$0.50/1 5/15SS
Final: $5.50


1 – Huggies Box Diapers $19.00
1 – Huggies Wipes $6.00
Total: $25.00
1 – $3.50/1 Huggies above
1 – $0.50/1 5/15SS
Pay: $21.00
Get $5.00 ECB
Final after ECB: $15.00 for Both.


Allegra Allergy 45ct $23.99
(lim 3)
$4.00/1 5/8SS or HERE
Final: $19.99


Buy One Get One 50% off
All Revlon Cosmetics
$2.00/1 Color Cosmetic Product 5/8SS
$2.00/1 Aqua Mineral Makeup or Face Product 4/10SS
(exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Nail Enamel 4/10SS
Final: Varies


Buy $20 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Lumene Skin Care
Final: Varies


Buy One Get One 50% off
Rimmel Cosmetics
(excludes Match Perfection)
$2.00/1 Mascara All You April
$1.00/1 Shadow All YOu April
$1.00/1 Foundation or Product 3/27RP
$1.00/1 Product 4/17RP
Final: Varies


Buy $20 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Nexxus Hair Care
Final: varies


Buy $15 Get $5 ECB (lim 1)
Eucerin (excludes Aquaphor)
$1.50/1 Hand or Body Product 5/1RP
$1.00/1 Body or Face Product All You May
$1.00/1 Product
Final: Varies

Radio Flyer on Facebook: $10 Birthday Gift Card and 15% off!

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Oh, the beloved Radio Flyer.  They’re not cheap, but sturdy enough to hold up through much abuse from my tasmanian devils.  Sign up for Radio Flyer’s Birthday Club (under the Birthday Club tab) and get a $10 Gift Card every year for each birth date entered and use the code BIRTHDAY to save 15% on any order now.

Sunday Coupon Preview 5/15: 1 RedPlum & 1 SmartSource!

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Perhaps not surprisingly, I see a few goodies here.


Smart Source
OFF! Area product: powerpad lamp, outdoor fogger, citronella candle or mosquito coil Save $1/1 (6/25)
OFF! Area product: powerpad lamp, outdoor fogger, citronella candle or mosquito coil Save $2/2 (6/25)
LUNCHABLES lunch combos with fruit Save $1/1 (7/10)
And a high value Scrubbing Bubbles & Land O Lakes Spread freebie if your store doubles.

Red Plum
Aveeno sun protection product Save $1.50/1 (7/31)
A BOGO Gillette and likely Lawry’s Marinade freebie for stores that double, Wisk and more.

Have a look!  I bet you’ll see something I didn’t.


Family Fun Round-Up: FREE Weekend Activities 5/13-5/15!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

AC Moore – Saturday 1-3pm, Buy an Offray Hair Accessory and decorate it for FREE! You can print AC Moore Store Coupons here.

Babies R Us – Saturday Noon-3pm, Baby Bottle Basics: Learn about key features of the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners and VentAire Advanced bottles.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores – Saturday 11am-3pm, Demo: papercrafting with the Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter.

Lakeshore Learning – Saturday 11am-3pm, Jungle Collage: Kids create animal scenes using foam stickers, fabric flowers, glitter painters and more!

Lowes Build and Grow – Saturday 10am-Noon, Kids build a Free Heart Flower Vase for Mom! Be sure to sign up for this event here.

Michaels – Saturday 10am-Noon, Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Event FREE Make-It Take-It: Learn how to creatively punch around a scrapbook page. Michaels coupon.

Michaels – Saturday All Day, SUPER CROP Extravaganza. $5 reserves a spot for yourself and a friend. They’ll provide the tools, inspiration, creative space and a chance to win prizes. Michaels coupon.

Michaels – Sunday 1-3pm, Princess Tag Event FREE Make-It Take-It: Make your own personalized gift tags. Michaels coupon.

Pottery Barn Kids – Saturday 10am, Decorating Kids’ Room Class. Attendees receive 10% off select products.

Target – select a city to find free or reduced-price admission to arts and cultural events in your area, sponsored by Target.

Toys R Us – Through May 31st, Pokémon Secret Egg Download: Bring your Nintendo DS system and your Pokémon Black or White Versions to a DS Download Station at Toys R Us to get a secret egg that hatches to reveal one of three characters from Ash’s traveling party on the new Pokémon TV series.

Walmart Event Finder – enter your zip code to see what is going on in your area.

Thanks, Keeping Cents!

All You Magazine: June Coupons!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

Here is the list of available coupons in the June issue. Does anything stand out to you?  I only see free Colgate and Sally Hansen.

$2.00/1 AMDRO Pest Control
$1.00/1 Banana Boat
$1.00/1 Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream AND All You July
$0.75/1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Novelty
$1.00/1 Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm
$15/$75 Catherines
$3.00/1 Celebrations Foods Ice Cream Cakes
$1.00/1 Colgate Sensitive
$2.00/1 Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel
$2.00/1 got2b
$1.00/1 Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Biscuits and Mini Bites Treats
$1.50/1 Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Cat Treats
$1.50/1 Harts UltraGuard Flea and Tick
$0.55/1 Hormel Compleats
Buy One Huggies Little Swimmers and get FREE Nestle Juciy Juice 8pk
$1.00/1 Huggies Little Swimmers and All You July
$1.00/1 Keri Lotion
$1.00/1 King Oscar Sardines
$0.50/ 1 Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Buns
$0.50/1 Kleenex Hand Towels
$1.00/1 Kleenex Hand Towels and All You Magazine July
FREE Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows wyb Honey Maid Grahams and Hershey’s Milk Choc 6ct
B1G1F Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer (up to $4.00)
$1.00/1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing
$1.00/1 McCormick Recipe Inspirations and All YOu Magazine July
$1.50/1 Mineral Ice
$1.00/1 Mrs. T’s Pierogies
$1.00/1 Nature’s Path Granola Bars and All You Magazine July
$1.00/1 Nestle Juicy Juice and All You Magazine July
$1.00/1 Nivea Body Lotion
B2G1F Nivea Body Wash (up to $5.99)
$1.00/1 No Doz
$5/$10 NYC Products
$1.50/1 Nylabone Edible Chew or Treat
$1.50/1 Nylabone Non-Edible Chew
$0.35/1 Odwalla
$1.00/1 Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil
$0.50/1 Pure Protein Bars
$3.00/1 Pure Protein 100% Whey Protein/Jillian Michaels Natural Whey Protein
$2.00/1 Purpose Skin Care
$1.00/1 Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and All You July
$1.00/$2.00 Purchase of Sally Hansen Beauty Tools
$2.00/1 Sevin Bug Killer
$1.00/1 Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spread and 1 Bag of Lender’s Bagels
$1.00/1 Skinny Cow 6ct Box Confections Only
$1.00/1 Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Choc 6ct Box and All You Magazine July
$2.00/1 Slow FE
$1.00/1 Vassarette Panty and All You Mag. July
$0.50/1 Viva Paper Towels
$1.00/1 Viva Paper Towels and All You Mag July
$1.00/1 White Cloud Product (excludes   4 roll)
$5.00/1 Zegerid OTC 42ct

You can view them HERE too!