What I’m Printing 5/13 – Boost, CeraVe, Cooking Light Mag, Windex and More!

OK, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m working on Walgreens and I just had to pull these together because I was hunting around for a coupon I thought I saw.  Haha!

Zip 90210
$1.50/1 Boost Drink or Powder
$1.00/1 CeraVe
$1.00/1 Cooking Light Magazine
$3.00/1 Windex Window Cleaning Tool Starter Kit
$2.00/1 InStyle Magazine
FREE Jello Flag Mold with $2.50 Postage & Handling

Freebies & Cheapies at CVS 5/15-5/21!

Scan your card at Big Red and you WILL get a coupon for $3.00/$10.00 Health Care Purchase!

Items within a particular sale grouping are brown and deal ideas are green.

Need more help?  Here you go or send me a message. 

Pepsi 2L 5/$5.00
(lim 5)
FREE Pepsi Max wyb Tostitos Chips and Dip Pepsico
$0.55/1 Diet Pepsi 3/6SS
Final: FREE Pepsi Max with purchase of Tostitos
Chips and Dip


Finesse, Pert Plus, Fruitopia 2/$5.00
Sham, Cond or Styler
$2.00 MIR HERE
$1.00/1 Finesse 5/8SS
$1.00/1 Pert Plus 5/15SS
Final after MIR: 1 FREE Finesse

Speed Stick or Lady $2.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)

$1.00/1 Reinventing Beauty Magazine (CVS)

$0.50/1 5/1SS
Final after ECB: FREE


Buy One Get One FREE
Brut or Sure APDO ($2.99 for Sure)
$1.00/1 Sure 5/15SS
$1.00/1 Brut 4/10SS
Final: 2/$0.99 or $0.48ea


Right Guard or Dry Idea APDO $2.99
$1.00ECB on 1 (lim 2)
B1G1F Dry Idea or Right Guard 5/1RP
Final after ECB: 2/$0.99 or $0.49ea


Bumble Bee Albacore Tuna in Water 5oz $0.77
(lim 10)
Final: $0.77


Select Items 5/$5.00
CVS Brand Tissue
CVS Earth Essentials Paper Towels
Just the Basics Dish Soap
Renuzit Cones
Scott Bath Tissue Single Roll
Final: 3/$2.45 or $0.81ea


Buy $10  Get $3.00 ECB
M&M’s 4/$10.00
Mars Chocolate 2/$6.00
Minis Assorted 10-11.5oz
Snickers Fun Size 11.18-11.5oz or 6pk


Eclipse or Orbit Gum 2/$4.00


Mints $1.00
Eclipse 50ct
Altoids 0.37-1.76 (excludes Chocolate)


Dove Choc. Bar 2/$3.00
$0.75/2 5/1RP
Final: 2/$2.25


Buy One Get One FREE ($2.37 for 6.25oz)
LifeSavers 6.25-7oz or SF 2.75oz


Mars Chocolate $1.00
King Size 1.94-3.63oz
M&M’s Theater Box 3.4oz


Mars Chocolate 4/$5.00


5 Gum 3pk 2/$5.00


Starburst or Skittles 2/$5.00


Dove Moments 2/$6.00
4.5oz or Minis 8.5-11oz
$1.00/1 5/1RP
Final: 2/$4.00


2 – Dove Moments $6.00
2 – Dove Choc. Bars $3.00
1 – Mars King Size $1.00
Total: $10.00
2 – $2.00/1 5/1RP
1 – $0.75/2 5/1RP
Pay: $7.25
Get $3.00 ECB on $10
Final after ECB: 5/$4.25 or $0.85ea


Soap $0.88
Irish Spring Bar Soap 2pk
Softsoap Liq Hand 7.5oz
Final: $0.88


Dial or Tone Bar Soap 2-3ct $1.88
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
Final after ECB: $0.88


Gold Emblem Canned Vegetables and Spices $0.88
14.5-15.2oz for Vegs
0.49-8oz for Spices (excludes Vanilla Extract and
Chicken Boullion)
Final: $0.88


Aussie or HE 2/$5.97
Sham, Cond or Styler
$2.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 He or Aussie PG Everyday Savings
$0.50/1 Aussie or HE 5/1PG
Final after ECB: 2/$1.97 or $0.98ea


HVR or Kraft Dressing 16oz $1.99
$1.00/1 HVR – This is really old,
still valid?
$1.50/2 5/15RP
Final: $0.99 for HVR


$10.00 ECB wyb 2 (lim 1)
Neutrogena Sun Care or Sunless Tanning
$1.00/1  Sun Care Item 5/8SS


2 – Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil Free Sunblock
Stick SPF 30 $7.99
Total:  $15.98
2 – $2.00/1 Above
Pay: $11.98
Get $10.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$1.98 or $0.99ea


Cottonelle Wipes 42ct $1.99
$1.00/1 HERE
$0.50/1 5/15SS
Final: $0.99


Buy One Get One FREE (lim 6)
Sundown Vitamins ($3.99ish)
Disney or Marvel Gummies
$3.00/2 Sundown
$1.00/1 Sundown
Vitamin or Supplement 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Sundown Product or HERE
$1.00/1 Ester-C or HERE
Final: Dunno what the cheapest Sundown Vitamin is,
but you’ve got to be close with the $3.00/2 coupon!  Don’t forget about the $3/$10 coupon either!


Cleaners 2/$4.00
Pine Sol 28oz
Tilex Mold & Mildew 16oz
SOS Soap Pads
$1.00/1 Pine Sol
Final: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea for Pine Sol


Select Grocery or Snack Items 10/$10.00
Ritz Bits Cups
Single Serve Kraft Mac & Cheese
Gold Emblem Snacks
Final: $1.00ea


Puffs With Lotion 2/$3.00
$0.50/1 PG BrandSampler
Final: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea


Aquafresh Advanced or Sensitive 2/$5.00
6oz or 5.6oz respectively
$1.00 ecb on  2 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 Advanced
Final after ECB: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea


Condiments 2/$4.00
Kraft Miracle Whip 22oz
Kraft Mayo 30oz
Ketchup 32oz
$0.75/1 Miracle Whip or Mayo 5/15SS
Final: 2/$2.50 or $1.25ea


V8 Splash 64oz or Veg Juice 46oz 2/$5.00
$1.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$0.50/1 V8 veg 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
$1.00/2 Splash 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
$1.00/2 Veg Juice
Final after ECB: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea


Newtons Fruit Thins 2/$5.00
$1.00/1 5/8SS
Final: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea


Buy $15 Get $5 ECB
Nivea Lip Care 0.17-0.35oz ($2.99)
$1.00/1 All You May


Nivea Body Wash or Shower Gel $4.88
$1.00/1 All You May


All Nivea Body Lotion, Cream or Serum $1.00 off
$2.00/1 Body 5/15RP or 5/1RP


Nivea For Men Facial Care $1.00 off ($6.99)
(ETS & Gift Sets)


1 – Nivea Lip Care $2.99
3 – Nivea Body Wash $4.88
Total: $17.63
1 – $1.00/1 Nivea Lip All You May
1 – B2G1F Nivea BW All You June
Pay: $11.75
Get $5.00 ECB on $15
Final after ECB: 4/$6.75 or $1.68ea


Buy One Get One 50% off
Pantene Pro-V
Sham, Cond or Styler ($4.99)
$2.00/1 Product PG BrandSampler
$3.00/2 Product 5/1PG
$2.00/2 Product PG Brandsaver
$1.00 off Sham AND Cond PG Everyday Savings
Final: 2/$3.48 or $1.74ea


Fiber One Cereal 2/$6.00
$1.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$0.75/1 HERE or HERE OR HERE
$0.50/1 4/17SS
Final after ECB: 2/$3.50 or $1.75ea


Lysol Neutra Air or Air Wick Freshmatic $5.99
$4.00/1 Air Wick 4/17SS
$1.00/1 Air Wick
Final: $1.99


Olay Daily Facials $3.99
Cleanser 6.78-7oz
Day or Night Cream 2oz
$2.00/1 PG BrandSampler
$1.00/1 PG Everyday Savings
Final: $1.99


Buy $7 Get $3.00 ECB (lim 1)
Band Aid or Neosporin ($2.99 for Band Aid Sheer
Assorted and Neosporin 0.5oz $5.79)
$1.50 off Neosporin AND Band Aid 4/17SS
$0.50/1 Neosporin or Band Aid 4/17SS


1 – Neosporin Original $0.5oz $5.79
1 – Band Aid Assorted Sheer $2.99
Total: $8.78
1 – $1.50 off Band Aid AND Neosporin 4/17SS
Pay: $7.28
Get $3.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$4.28 or $2.14ea


Buy One Get One 50% off
Got2b Stylers ($5.99)
$2.00/1 All You June or April
Final: 2/$4.98 or $2.49ea


Polident or Poligrip $4.49
Cleaner 78-84ct
2.2-2.4oz Tube
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 Polident 5/15RP
$1.00/1 Super Poligrip Product 5/15RP
Final after ECB: $2.49


Sensodyne or ProNamel Toothpaste 4oz $4.49
$1.00 ECB  on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 ProNamel Toothpaste 5/15RP or 4/10RP or HERE
$1.00/1 Product
$0.75/1 Toothpaste 5/15RP
Final after ECB: $2.49


Kettle Chips 2/$5.00
FREE Sierra Mist Natural wyb Kettle Chips Pepsico
Final: $2.50ea + FREE Sierra Mist


Grocery Items 2/$6.00
Stouffers Panini
Hot Pockets
Haagen-Dazs 14oz
Gatorade 4pk 20oz
Aquafina Water 12pk 12-16.9oz or 6pk 24oz
$1.00/1 Haagen Dazs All You April
$1.10/3 Stouffers
Final: 2/$4.00 or $2.00ea for Haagen Dazs


Buy $20 Get $5.00ECB (lim 1)
L’Oreal Hair Care
Root Rescue
Preference Color
EverPure/Strong/Sleek Sham, Cond or Treat ($6.99)
$2.00/1 Preference 3/20RP (exp 5/15) or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Root Rescue 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Ever Treatment 5/15RP or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Ever Sham or Cond 5/15RP or 4/17RP


L’Oreal Vive or Studio $2.99
Sham, Cond, Styler or Treatment
$1.00/1 Vive Styler 5/15RP or 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Vive Shampoo 5/15RP or 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Studio 5/15RP or 4/10RP
Final: $1.99


2 – EverPure/Strong/Sleek Sham and/or Cond $6.99
3 – Vive or Studio $2.99
Total: $22.95
2 – $1.00/1 Ever Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
3 – $1.00/1 Vive or Studio 4/10RP or 5/15RP
Pay: $17.95
Get $5.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 5/$12.95 or $2.59ea


Buy $15 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Any L’Oreal Foundation, Powder, Blush, Concealer or
Eye (Excludes Clearance)
$3.00/1 Visible Lift 4/17RP
$2.00/1 True Match Marie Claire Mar or Glamour Mar
$2.00/1 Cosmetic Face Product or 4/17RP
$2.00/1 Eye Product or 4/17RP
$1.00/1 Cosmetic 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Eye Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)


L’Oreal Mascara $5.99
Extra Volume
Voluminous Million Lashes
Voluminous Eyeliner


L’Oreal True Match $6.99
Foundation, Blush, Powder or Concealer
(excludes Compact Roller)


Slipping in an eye shadow will lower your total, but
I think we’ve had enough scenarios with eye shadow.
If you need more though, it’s $5.49ish.
2 – L’oreal Mascara $5.99
1 – L’Oreal True Match $6.99
Total: $18.97
2 – $2.00/1 Eye Product Above
1 – $2.00/1 Cosmetic Face Product or Magazine
Coupons Above
Pay: $12.97
Get $5.00 ECB on $15.00
Final after ECB: 3/$7.97 or $2.65ea


Filippo Berio Olive Oil 16.9-17oz $3.99
$1.00/1 4/3SS or HERE or HERE
1% off Upromise
Final: $2.99


Wisk 2x Ultra or HE Liq $4.99
26-32 loads
$2.00/1 5/15RP
$1.00/1 HERE
Final: $2.99


Purex Complete Crystals $3.99
32 loads
$1.00/1 HERE or 5/1RP
Final: $2.99


Scott Choose A Size 2/$10.00
Mega Roll Paper Towels
$2.00 ECB on 2
$1.00/1 4/3SS (exp 5/15)
Final after ECB: 2/$6.00 or $3.00


Lipton Iced Tea $4.99
12pk 16.9oz Bottles
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$2.00/2 HERE or Pepsico Moments
Final after ECB: 2/$6.98 or $3.49ea


All Lubriderm $6.99
$3.00/1 Men’s 3in1 Lotion 4/10RP
$1.00/1 Body Lotion, Cream or Ointment 4/10RP
Final: $3.99


Bayer Aspirin $4.99
Low Dose 120ct
AM Extra Strength or Woemns Low Dose + calcium 50-
$1.00/1 XS 5/1SS
$1.00/1 81mg or 325mg 3/20SS or 5/1SS
Final: $3.99


All Neutrogena Eye, Lip or Blush $6.99
$3.00/1 Cosmetics All You May or April
Final: $3.99


Oral Care $5.99
Sensodyne Iso-active Toothpaste
Biotene Rinse 16oz
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$1.00/1 IsoActive
$0.75/1 Sensodyne Iso-active 5/15RP
Final: $4.99


Biore, Jergens or Curel $6.99
(excludes Jergens Nat Glow)
FREE Biore Cleanser wyb Strips 3/6SS
$1.50/1 Curel Foot Cream (if included)
Final: $6.99 for Biore Cleanser and Strips


Buy $25 Get $10.00 ECB (Lim 1)
L’oreal Youth Code $30.00
Starter Kit
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $27.00


L’Oreal Youth Code $22.00
Serum, Day Lotion, Eye or Night Cream 0.5-1.7oz
Final: $19.00


All L’Oreal Sublime Glow or Bronze ($10.99)
$1.00/1 Bronze Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $9.99


L’Oreal Skin Care $15.00
Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair
Collagen Filler (excludes Moisture Filler)
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP or 5/15RP
Final: $13.99


L’Oreal Cleanser $6.00
Towelettes 30ct
$2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Skin Care Product 5/15RP or 4/17RP
Final: $4.00


2 – l’Oreal Revitalift or Collagen Filler $15.00
Total: $30.00
2 – $2.00/1 $2.00/1 Skin Care Product 3/20RP (exp 5/15)
Pay: $26.00
Get $10.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 2/$16.00 or $8.00ea


Tide or Gain $10.94
Regular or HE 48-64 loads (lim 3)
$1.00/1 Tide PG Brandsampler or PG Everyday Savings
$1.00/1 Gain 5/1PG or 4/17RP or PG Everyday Savings
$0.35/1 Tide 5/1PG
Final: $9.94


John Frieda Precision Foam Color $11.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (Lim 1)
Final after ECB: $9.99


Olay TE Facial Care (excludes wet cloths) $18.99
$2.00 ECB on 1 (lim 10)
$5.00 off Moisturizer wyb Venus Cartridge 5/1PG
$2.00/1 Moist or Cleanser 5/15SS
$2.00/1 Cleanser PG BrandSampler
$1.00/1 Moisturizer PG Everyday Savings
Final after ECB: $11.99 wyb Venus Cartridge or


Buy $25 Get $5 ECB (lim 1)
Huggies Box Diapers 56-96ct $19.00
Snug & Dry
Little Movers
$3.50/1 Diapers
$2.00/1 Little Movers 5/15SS or HERE
$2.00/1 Diapers
Final: $16.50


Huggies Wipes $6.00
Mega Pack 184-216ct
$0.50/1 5/15SS
Final: $5.50


1 – Huggies Box Diapers $19.00
1 – Huggies Wipes $6.00
Total: $25.00
1 – $3.50/1 Huggies above
1 – $0.50/1 5/15SS
Pay: $21.00
Get $5.00 ECB
Final after ECB: $15.00 for Both.


Allegra Allergy 45ct $23.99
(lim 3)
$4.00/1 5/8SS or HERE
Final: $19.99


Buy One Get One 50% off
All Revlon Cosmetics
$2.00/1 Color Cosmetic Product 5/8SS
$2.00/1 Aqua Mineral Makeup or Face Product 4/10SS
(exp 5/15)
$1.00/1 Nail Enamel 4/10SS
Final: Varies


Buy $20 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Lumene Skin Care
Final: Varies


Buy One Get One 50% off
Rimmel Cosmetics
(excludes Match Perfection)
$2.00/1 Mascara All You April
$1.00/1 Shadow All YOu April
$1.00/1 Foundation or Product 3/27RP
$1.00/1 Product 4/17RP
Final: Varies


Buy $20 Get $5ECB (lim 1)
Nexxus Hair Care
Final: varies


Buy $15 Get $5 ECB (lim 1)
Eucerin (excludes Aquaphor)
$1.50/1 Hand or Body Product 5/1RP
$1.00/1 Body or Face Product All You May
$1.00/1 Product
Final: Varies

Sunday Coupon Preview 5/15: 1 RedPlum & 1 SmartSource!

Perhaps not surprisingly, I see a few goodies here.


Smart Source
OFF! Area product: powerpad lamp, outdoor fogger, citronella candle or mosquito coil Save $1/1 (6/25)
OFF! Area product: powerpad lamp, outdoor fogger, citronella candle or mosquito coil Save $2/2 (6/25)
LUNCHABLES lunch combos with fruit Save $1/1 (7/10)
And a high value Scrubbing Bubbles & Land O Lakes Spread freebie if your store doubles.

Red Plum
Aveeno sun protection product Save $1.50/1 (7/31)
A BOGO Gillette and likely Lawry’s Marinade freebie for stores that double, Wisk and more.

Have a look!  I bet you’ll see something I didn’t.


Family Fun Round-Up: FREE Weekend Activities 5/13-5/15!

AC Moore – Saturday 1-3pm, Buy an Offray Hair Accessory and decorate it for FREE! You can print AC Moore Store Coupons here.

Babies R Us – Saturday Noon-3pm, Baby Bottle Basics: Learn about key features of the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins Liners and VentAire Advanced bottles.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores – Saturday 11am-3pm, Demo: papercrafting with the Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter.

Lakeshore Learning – Saturday 11am-3pm, Jungle Collage: Kids create animal scenes using foam stickers, fabric flowers, glitter painters and more!

Lowes Build and Grow – Saturday 10am-Noon, Kids build a Free Heart Flower Vase for Mom! Be sure to sign up for this event here.

Michaels – Saturday 10am-Noon, Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Event FREE Make-It Take-It: Learn how to creatively punch around a scrapbook page. Michaels coupon.

Michaels – Saturday All Day, SUPER CROP Extravaganza. $5 reserves a spot for yourself and a friend. They’ll provide the tools, inspiration, creative space and a chance to win prizes. Michaels coupon.

Michaels – Sunday 1-3pm, Princess Tag Event FREE Make-It Take-It: Make your own personalized gift tags. Michaels coupon.

Pottery Barn Kids – Saturday 10am, Decorating Kids’ Room Class. Attendees receive 10% off select products.

Target – select a city to find free or reduced-price admission to arts and cultural events in your area, sponsored by Target.

Toys R Us – Through May 31st, Pokémon Secret Egg Download: Bring your Nintendo DS system and your Pokémon Black or White Versions to a DS Download Station at Toys R Us to get a secret egg that hatches to reveal one of three characters from Ash’s traveling party on the new Pokémon TV series.

Walmart Event Finder – enter your zip code to see what is going on in your area.

Thanks, Keeping Cents!

All You Magazine: June Coupons!

Here is the list of available coupons in the June issue. Does anything stand out to you?  I only see free Colgate and Sally Hansen.

$2.00/1 AMDRO Pest Control
$1.00/1 Banana Boat
$1.00/1 Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream AND All You July
$0.75/1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream or Novelty
$1.00/1 Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm
$15/$75 Catherines
$3.00/1 Celebrations Foods Ice Cream Cakes
$1.00/1 Colgate Sensitive
$2.00/1 Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel
$2.00/1 got2b
$1.00/1 Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Biscuits and Mini Bites Treats
$1.50/1 Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Cat Treats
$1.50/1 Harts UltraGuard Flea and Tick
$0.55/1 Hormel Compleats
Buy One Huggies Little Swimmers and get FREE Nestle Juciy Juice 8pk
$1.00/1 Huggies Little Swimmers and All You July
$1.00/1 Keri Lotion
$1.00/1 King Oscar Sardines
$0.50/ 1 Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Buns
$0.50/1 Kleenex Hand Towels
$1.00/1 Kleenex Hand Towels and All You Magazine July
FREE Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows wyb Honey Maid Grahams and Hershey’s Milk Choc 6ct
B1G1F Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer (up to $4.00)
$1.00/1 Marzetti Slaw Dressing
$1.00/1 McCormick Recipe Inspirations and All YOu Magazine July
$1.50/1 Mineral Ice
$1.00/1 Mrs. T’s Pierogies
$1.00/1 Nature’s Path Granola Bars and All You Magazine July
$1.00/1 Nestle Juicy Juice and All You Magazine July
$1.00/1 Nivea Body Lotion
B2G1F Nivea Body Wash (up to $5.99)
$1.00/1 No Doz
$5/$10 NYC Products
$1.50/1 Nylabone Edible Chew or Treat
$1.50/1 Nylabone Non-Edible Chew
$0.35/1 Odwalla
$1.00/1 Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil
$0.50/1 Pure Protein Bars
$3.00/1 Pure Protein 100% Whey Protein/Jillian Michaels Natural Whey Protein
$2.00/1 Purpose Skin Care
$1.00/1 Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and All You July
$1.00/$2.00 Purchase of Sally Hansen Beauty Tools
$2.00/1 Sevin Bug Killer
$1.00/1 Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Spread and 1 Bag of Lender’s Bagels
$1.00/1 Skinny Cow 6ct Box Confections Only
$1.00/1 Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Milk Choc 6ct Box and All You Magazine July
$2.00/1 Slow FE
$1.00/1 Vassarette Panty and All You Mag. July
$0.50/1 Viva Paper Towels
$1.00/1 Viva Paper Towels and All You Mag July
$1.00/1 White Cloud Product (excludes   4 roll)
$5.00/1 Zegerid OTC 42ct

You can view them HERE too!