Crystal Ball 5/22-5/28: Freebies and Cheapies Preview!

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As always, this is just a snippet of what’s coming our way next week at the Big 3!  Items within a particular sale grouping are BROWN and deal ideas are GREEN.


Purex Laundry Detergent $1.98
24-33 Loads
(lim 4)
$1.00/1 5/1RP
Final: $0.98

Gum 9-14ct $0.99
Trident Vitality
Stride Spark
$0.99 ECB on  1 (lim 1)
$1.00/2 Stride 4/3SS
Final after ECB: 2 FREE Stride

Puffs $0.98
Plus 48-56ct
(lim 6)
$0.50/1 PG BrandSampler
Final: $0.48

Biore Cleansers or Strips $7.99
$5.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
FREE Cleanser wyb Strips 3/6SS
Final after ECB: 2/$2.99 or $1.49ea

Buy One Get One FREE
All Fish Oil including Nature Made
$4.00/1 Fish Oil All You Feb
$1.00/1 Product
Final: FREE $8.00 Product if you still have 2 All You coupons

Revlon Nail Enamel $4.99
$4.00 ECB on 1 (lim 6)
$1.00/1 4/10SS
Final after ECB: FREE

Part of Spend $30 Get $10 FREE Gas

Buy 2 Get One FREE
Hershey’s Candy Bar Singles
(lim 9)
B1G1F Special Dark 5/1SS
Final:  3/$0.89 or $0.29ea

Coca Cola 2L $0.99
(lim 5)
$1.00/1 HERE
Final: FREE

Buy $10 Get $3 ECB (lim 1)
These coupons will vary regionally.

Suave Body Wash 12oz $2.00
B1G1F Body Wash 5/22RP
$0.50/1 HERE

Suave Hair Care 3/$5.00
Sham, Cond or Styler
$0.50/2 Mens Sham, Cond or Stylers 5/22RP

Suave Invis Solid APDO 1.4oz  $1.00
$0.50/1 5/22RP

4 – Suave Body Wash $8.00
2 Suave APDO $2.00
Total: $10.00
2 – $0.50/1 APDO 5/22RP
2 – B1G1F 5/22RP
2 – $0.50/1 HERE
Pay: $4.00
Get $3.00 ECB on $10
Final after ECB: 6/$1.00 or $0.16ea

Rite Aid

Carefree Pantiliners $1.00
$1.00/1 5/8SS
Final: FREE


Buy One at $2.99 Get One FREE
Suavitel Fabric Softener 33.8oz
Renuzit Odor Neutralizer 13oz
$1.00/1 Renuzit or HERE
$0.50/1 Suavitel 5/1SS
Final: 2/$0.99 for Renuzit Odor Neutralizer

Huggies Little Swimmers $6.99
$2.00/1 Walgreens May Coupon Booklet
$2.00/1 5/15SS
Final: $2.99

Carefree Pantiliners $0.99 with ad coupon
(lim 3)
$1.00/1 5/8SS
Final: FREE

Pure Silk Shave Cream 9.5oz $1.99
$1.50RR on 1
Final after RR: $0.49

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.89
$5.00 RR on 1
$5.00/1 PG BrandSampler
$4.00/1 5/1PG
Final after RR: FREE

Cantu Hair Care $4.99
$4.00 RR on  1
Final after RR: $0.99

Pain Relief
Advil 40-50ct $4.99
Advil PM 16-20ct $4.99
ThermaCare Wraps 2-3ct $5.99
$5.00RR on 2
$4.00 off any 2 Advil, Advil PM or Thermacare 5/22SS
Final after RR: 2/$0.98 or $0.49ea wyb 2 Advil

Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics $2.00
$2.00RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE

Tone Body Wash 18oz $3.99
$3.00RR on 1
$2.00/1 HERE
Final after RR: $1.01 Moneymaker!

Complete MultiPurpose Solution $7.99
$7.99 RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE

Walgreens: Reach Toothbrushes $4.00 Moneymaker!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

OK, remember my post last week about the new Reach Catalina starting Monday?  Well, here it is if you missed it.  Although Walgreens is not listed as a participating retailer, the Catalina IS printing!  What does that mean?  Well, Reach Crystal Clean toothbrushes are on sale for $0.99 through 5/28.   Your fab deal looks like this:

4 Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrushes $0.99
Total: $3.96
Use some combination of any of these for a total of $4.00:
$2.00/2 5/8SS
$3.00/3 1/9SS
$1.00/1 4/17SS or 1/9SS
Pay: Tax
Get $4.00 RR on 4
Final after RR: $4.00 Moneymaker+ possible $0.04 overage (absorb if your store doesn’t adjust coupons)

I just got home from doing this, picking up the rest of the free Similac, $0.25 Worcestershire sauce at Dollar General and a whole host of other super cheap things.   I had a $73.85 grocery order that I got down to $12.18 with coupons!

Kool-Aid on Facebook: FREE at Meijer!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

I KNOW this isn’t limited to Meijer.  It just happens that they have the packets on sale this week 10/$1.00. Since I’m heading over there for free Crystal Light, I may as well pick up some Kool-Aid too.  Enter the sweepstakes on Facebook and when you’re done you’ll be able to print a coupon for $0.50/5 Kool-Aid Unsweetened Packets.  Note: If you’ve previously entered the sweepstakes, you will not be able to print the coupon.

*HOT* Tone on Facebook: $2.00/1 Body Wash Coupon!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

Update: This is the link I got in my e-mail.
On the Tone Facebook page under Sweepstakes, enter to win the  Ultimate Backstage Pass with Sara Bareilles in NYC and you’ll have the option at the end of your entry to print a crazy good coupon for $2.00/1 Tone Body Wash.  Back it up for a second print.  Didn’t *win* the coupon?  Check your e-mail.  Several people are reporting that they received it there even though they didn’t *win* it.  You also have the chance to instantly win  an autographed CD…or nothing.  Good news?  You can enter daily.

Freebie Free For All 5/15-5/21! Hidden Freebies & Cheapies at the Big 3!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

This is the list of hidden freebies and cheapies that have popped up at the Big 3 and are not part of the weekly match-ups.    I’m wondering, would you rather I post them individually as they happen or compile them this way?  Lemme know what you think.

Cap’n Crunch 5.5oz 12/$10.00
$1.00/2 4/17RP
Final: $0.33ea – There is also a $3.00/$15.00 Grocery purchase coupon at Big Red.  You might want to pair this up with these and other sale items.

Hershey’s Drops 2/$6.00
$2.00/1 Big Red Coupon
$2.00/2 5/1SS
Final: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea

CVS Facial Cleansing Wipes 5ct (Travel) $1.49
$1.50/1 Wipes Coupon from Big Red
Final: FREE

CVS Stomach Relief 4oz $2.87
$3.00/1 Big Red Coupon
Final: FREE

Neutrogena Dealie Updated:

2 – Neutrogena Healthy Defense Oil Free Sunblock
Stick SPF 30 $7.99
Total:  $15.98
1 – $3.00/$10 Health Care Coupon (Big Red)
2 – $2.00/1 HERE
Pay: $8.98
Get $10.00 ECB
Final after ECB: $1.02 Moneymaker!

Rite Aid

Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator 2/$4.00
$0.50/1 HERE
Pay: $3.00
Get $1.00 UP Reward on 2
Final: $1.00ea
This UP Reward is part of the Ziploc/Fantastik/Scrub Bubbles and Glade items promo and the UP limit is 2.

Buy One Get One FREE
Jollytime Popcorn ($0.69)
$1.00/2 HERE
Final: FREE or $0.31 overage (depending on your store)

3 Suave Body Wash $2.00
$2.00RR on 3
Total: $6.00
3 – 0.50/1 HERE (must have access to 2 computers)
Pay: $4.50
Get $2.00RR on 3
Final after RR: 3/$2.50 or $0.83ea

Brita Water Bottle $7.99
$4.00/1 4/17SS
Final: $3.99

BC Powder $5.99
$3.00/1 with ad coupon
$2.00/1 HERE
$1.00/1 3/20RP or 5/15RP
Final: $0.99

2 – Garnier Fructis Fortifying Sham & Conditioner 25.4oz $3.59
$5.00RR on 2
2 – $1.00/1 3/6RP or 5/1RP
Pay: $5.18
Get $5.00 RR on 2
Final after RR: 2/$0.18 or $0.09ea!


Thanks, AFC, Wild for Wags, Marie & Lynn, Saving a Bundle,  Chris, Reece and Kelly!