CurrClick: FREE History & Geography – Hemispheres Lesson!

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CurrClick provides curricula for homeschooling families, and really, non-homeschooling families as well.  Today only, you can get the pdf of History & Geography – Hemispheres for free.  This is a great general reference supplement to any standard curriculum and includes links, questions  and actitivies about the equator, longitudes & lattitudes, etc.

What I’m Printing 5/24 – Fruit2Day, Nexcare, Wasa, Infusium, Gerber and More!

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$1.00/1 Dermoplast
$1.00/1 New Skin
B1G1F Lean Pockets (Facebook)
$2.00/1 Imodium Product
$0.50/2 Chex Mix 3.75oz+ at AMPM
$1.00/2 Fruit2Day Morning Smoothies

FREE Eas Product (up to $3.89)
$2.00/1 Rimmel Product (Facebook)
$2.00/1 Pop Art Pixies (Facebook )
$0.55/1 Nexcare Tape
$1.00/1 Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers
$0.75/1 Wasa Crackers (Facebook – the more likes the higher the value)
Mentos Gum UP2U (Facebook)
$1.00/1 Morningstar Farms Product
$2.00/1 Infusium (facebook)
$1.00/2 Gerber Graduates (Facebook)

Zip 30031
$3.00/1 Optisource Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Zip 48329
$2.00/1 Lamisil AT (if you can’t find it)

Thanks, Free Coupon AlertsDiscount Queens,  Totally Target

Crystal Ball 5/29-6/4: Freebies & Cheapies Preview At The Big 3!

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You guys are so funny.   Here I am workin’ on the Crystal Ball and you’re wondering why I’m not posting!  Y’all are nuts!  I’m gettin’ to it!   Haha!  Here’s your look into the future…the slightly expanded version.


Pepsi 12pk 12oz cans 4/$13.00
$3.00 ECB on 4 (lim 1)
$0.75/1 Diet Pepsi 3/6SS
$1.00/2 Peelies (widespread availability)
Final after ECB: 4/$7.00 or $1.75ea


Make sure you scan your card at Big Red, I’m rollin’ for a $$ off Grocery coupon.
Grocery Items 10/$10.00
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Taster’s Choice Sticks 7ct
Chick. of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna Pouch
Duncan Hines Snack Size Brownie Mix
Souper Meal Cup
$0.50/1 Duncan Hines Brownie Mix 4/10SS (exp 5/30)
or print no longer available
$0.45/1 Kraft BBQ 5/1SS
Final: 2/$1.00 for Taster’s Choice Sticks


Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.99
2x 28 loads
$1.00/2 5/1SS
Final: $1.49ea


Speed Stick 2/$6.00
(excludes Stainguard)
$3.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
$0.75/1 5/22SS
Final after ECB: 2/$1.50 or $0.75ea


Bic Soleil Shimmer $6.99
Razor Starter Kit
4ct Cartridges
$3.00 ECB on 1 (Lim 1)
$3.00/1 5/1SS
Final after ECB: $0.99


Dental Care $1.99
Crest Toothpaste
6.4oz Varieties
Baking Soda & Peroxide
Tartar Prot.
Kids 4.6oz
Oral-B Indicator Toothbrush
$1.00 ECB on 1 (lim 2)
$1.00/1 Oral-B PG Everyday Savings
$1.50/2 Oral-B Indicator 5/1PG (exp 5/31)
$0.75/1 Oral-B Indicator Rouge Mag Spring
Final after ECB: FREE Toothbrush!


Pampers Jumbo Pack $8.99
Diapers or Easy Ups
$2.00 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$2.50/1 5/1PG (exp 5/31)
$2.00/1 PG BrandSampler
$1.00/1 PG Everyday Savings
Final after ECB: $4.49


Oral-B Dual Clean Brush Heads 6ct $29.99
$20.00 ECB on 1 (lim 2)
Final after ECB: $9.99


Preparation H $3.99
$3.99 ECB on 1 (lim 1)
$2.00/1 HERE or HERE
Final after ECB: $2.00 Moneymaker!


Mars Chocolate Singles 2/$1.00
$1.00 ECB on 2 (lim 1)
Final after ECB: FREE


Pepsi 2L 4/$5.00
$1.00 ECB on 4 (lim 1)
$0.55/1 Diet Pepsi 3/6SS (exp 5/31)
Final after ECB: 4/$1.80 or $0.45ea


Beverages 5/$5.00
Powerade 32oz
Vitaminwater 20oz
Smartwater 1L
Fuze 16.9oz
Honest Tea 16.9oz
$2.00 ECB on 5 (lim 1)
$1.00/2 Fuze 4/10SS
Final after ECB: Up to $2.00 Moneymaker depending on
how many Honest Tea coupons you have!


Dealie for Fuze:
5 Fuze $1.00
Total: $5.00
2 – $1.00/2 4/10SS
Pay: $3.00
Get $2.00 ECB on 5
Final after ECB: 5/$1.00 or $0.20ea


Renpure Organics Sham/Cond $4.99
$4.99 UP Reward on 1 (lim 2)
Final after UP: FREE


Single Serve Candy Bars 2/$1.00
M&M Mars, Hershey’s, Reeses
(reg ret $0.89)
B1G1F Hershey’s Special Dark Varieties 5/1sS
Final: 2/$0.50 or $0.25ea for Special Dark


Kellogg’s Cereal 8.7-16.5oz $1.88
Frosted Flakes
Raisin Bran
Apple Jacks
Corn Pops
Froot Loops
Corn Flakes
Rice Krispies
$0.70/1 Raisin Bran
There are other coupons available, but these are the
highest value.
Final after MIR/box: $0.18ea for Raisin Bran!


Assorted Items $5.99
New Skin 0.5-1oz
Dermoplast 2.75oz
Murine Ear Wax Remover Drops 0.5oz
$3.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 4)
$1.00/1 Dermoplast
$1.00/1 New Skin
Final: $1.99


2 – Dermoplast $5.99
1 – New Skin $5.99
Total: $17.97
2 – $1.00/1 Dermoplast
1 – $1.00/1 New Skin
1 – $3.00/$15 Survey Coupon
Pay: $11.97
Get 3-$3.00 UP Rewards
Final after UP: 3/$2.97 or $0.99ea!


Select APDO $2.99
Irish Spring
Speed Stick 24/7
Speed Stick Stain Guard
$2.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 4)
$0.75/1 Speed Stick 5/22SS
Final after UP: $0.24ea


Revlon Nail Enamel $2.99
$2.00/1 5/8SS
$1.00/1 4/10SS
Final: $0.99


Biotene Oral Care Products $5.99
$2.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 4)
$5.00/2 VV May
$2.00/1 VV May
Final after UP: 2/$0.98  or $0.49ea


Dental Care Multipacks $5.99
Crest Twin Pack Toothpaste (3D White Shown)
Glide Floss
Oral-B Indicator or Advantage Quad Packs
$4.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 4)
$1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste PG BrandSampler or PG
Everyday Savings
$1.00/1 Glide PG BrandSampler
$1.50/1 Advantage 5/1PG (exp 5/31)
$1.00/1 Oral-B PG Everyday Savings
$0.75/1 Glide 5/1PG (exp 5/31)
$0.75/1 Advantage Rouge Mag Spring
$1.00/2 Crest Product 5/1PG
Final after UP: $0.49ea for Oral-B Advantage


Haribo Gummy Bears $1.00
$0.35/1 HERE
Final: $0.65


Pepsi Products 2L 4/$5.00
Get 1 FREE with ad coupon
$0.55/1 Diet Pepsi 3/6SS
Final: $0.45ea


Kellogg’s Cereal $1.99
Frost Flakes
Froot Loops
Raisin Bran (shown – others included)
$0.70/1 Raisin Bran
There are other coupons available, but these are the
highest value.
Final: $0.29ea for Raisin Bran


Coke 2L 4/$5.00
$1.00/1 HERE
Final: $0.25ea


Buy One Get One FREE
Right Guard Body Wash 13.5oz
Right Guard APDO 2-4oz
Dry Idea 2.6-3oz
Tone Body Wash 18oz
B1G1F Right Guard or Dry Idea (up to $4.49) 5/1RP
(exp 5/31!!!)
$2.00/1 Tone Body Wash (print no longer avail)
Final: FREE Right Guard or Dry Idea APDO and
$0.49ish Right Guard Body Wash


Here’s a possible downer, we don’t know how this
will ring up since the ad says Buy 1 Get 1 FREE and
not something like Buy 1 @ $5.99 Get 1 Free.  Hopefully, it’ll be
the old style – one at $5.99 and the other one free
and not both at $2.99. Fin. gers. Crossed.


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.89
$5.00 RR on 1
$5.00/1 PG BrandSampler
$4.00/1 5/1PG (exp 5/31)
Final after RR: FREE


Aquafresh Toothpaste $0.99 with ad coupon
4.6-6.4oz (lim 3)
$1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids 4/17RP (exp 5/31)
Final: FREE


Buy One Get One 50% off
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Products
Benadryl, Caladryl, Cortaid, Band Aid, Neosporin and
FREE First Aid Case with Purchase of 2 Participating
Items and includes $15 in coupons!


Best Deal Idea:
2 – First Aid to Go Kits $1.49
Total: $2.23
$1.00/2 3/13RP (exp 5/31) or 5/15RP
Final: 2/$1.23 or $0.61ea + FREE First Aid Case


Ecotrin $0.99 with ad coupon
45ct Low Strength (lim 3)
$1.50/1 5/1RP
$1.00/1 HERE
Final: FREE + possible $0.51 Overage!


Celsius Green Tea $3.99
4ct 12oz
$3.00RR on 1
Final after RR: $0.99


Accuchek Aviva Glucose Monitor $14.99
$14.99 MIR on Box
Final after MIR: FREE


Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium 90ct $10.00
$10.00RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE


IcyHot Naturals Pain Relief Cream 0.5oz $0.99
$0.99RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE


BC or Goody’s Headache Relief Powder 6ct $1.50
$1.50RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE


Illy Coffee $2.00
Caffe 6.8oz
Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino 8.45oz
$2.00RR on 1
Final after RR: FREE


Reynolds Wrap 75sqft $1.99
$1.00/1 5/15SS or HERE
$0.75/1 4/17SS
Final: $0.99


Off! Clip On Starter $7.99
$1.00/1 Walgreens Coupon Booklet
$2.00/1 5/22SS or HERE
Final: 2/$3.99 or $1.99ea!


Ritz Crackerfuls 6oz $2.00
$2.00RR on 1
$1.00/1 4/17SS
Final after RR: $1.00 Moneymaker!

Rite Aid Clearance: Playtex Drop In Bottle $0.49!

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You know me and my clearance deals.  Here’s a good one for you that I mentioned in the weekly post because it’s also part of  of the Buy $25 Get $10 UP Reward.   Snag this coupon and get yourself a Playtex Bottle for a shower, to donate, or to use,  for just $0.49 or less depending on the available discount.  You may very well have 75% off!  Here’s what I’ve got going at  my store:

Playtex Drop In Bottle $4.99
50% off (clearance)
Total: $2.49
$2.00/1 HERE (e-mail coupon with signup – may take a day to receive)
Final: $0.49!

As I said before, this is also part of the $10 UP on $25 too.  You can view the list and matchups HERE.

Thanks for the Q info, Southern Savers!

Rite Aid: June Skincare UP Reward!

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As you know, I’m working on the Crystal Ball (among other things – June SCR, etc.) and I wanted to point out that there is a nifty UP Reward ($15/$50) that will be available from June 1st-July 26th.  The downer?  The limit is one, but we can make a decent dent in it –  Sunday ONLY.  I’m glad I haven’t used my $2.00 off Rite Aid Coppertone coupons yet.

Here are the participating brands:
Aveeno Skin Care
Aveeno Sun Care
Banana Boat Sun Care
Coppertone Sun Care
Curel  Lotion or Cream
Dove Body Wash 18 or 24oz
Eucerine or Visage Skin Care
Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Care
Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care
Jergens Skin Care including Natural Glow
L’Oreal Skin Care Product
Neutrogena Skin Care
Neutrogena Sun Care
Nivea Skin Care
Noxzema Skin Care
Rite Aid Brand Sun Care
Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion