Feel Good Fix: Choose to Live Beautifully + EcoTools!

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There is no better combination than a feel good fix and a fab coupon….to a coupon-y do-gooder-y dork like myself anyway!

Here’s what you do:
Mail a new or used (ewww) beauty item to the Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign.  EcoTools will pass the items off to their campaign partner, RecycleBank, who will recycle all donated products!

Ok, aaaannnnd?
In return for your generosity, EcoTools will send you a coupon for a FREE EcoTools product up to $7.99!  That makes a nice Rite Aid freebie!

Send your products with your full name and mailing address to:
Choose to Live Beautifully Campaign
c/o Skirt Public Relations
2320 North Damen Ave, Ste 2D
Chicago IL 60647

So, what kinds of things are they hoping to receive?
Body Washes and Scrubs
Cosmetic Brushes
Hand/Heel Cream
Body Mist
Bath Sponges
Body Lotions & Butters

Now, because I don’t wanna shell out too much for shipping, I’ll be sending off a freebie bath sponge or cosmetic brush.

Thanks, Marie!

Kimberly Clark Rebate: Cars 2 Freebies!

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I would never have known about this had I not received a mailer.  Kimberly Clark has a new Cars 2 Promotion.  All you have to do is purchase specially marked KC products with the Cars 2 promotional stickers  (Scott, Cottonelle, Huggies, PullUps, Kleenex and Viva) to receive  codes you can enter HERE.  Accrue enough points and you can exchange them for the following products:

Bronze Gifts – 20pts
Crayola Giant Pages Coloring Book
Cars 2 Mattel Die Cast Car
Silver Gifts –  35pts
Cars 2 Mattel Die Cast Car w/Lights and Sound
Crayola Color Wonder Set w/Markers
Gold Gifts – 50pts
Cars 2 Customized Printable Movie Ticket
$10 Visa Prepaid Card w/Cars 2 Customized Carrier

If you did not receive the mailer and would like to know if it is something worth contacting them about, here is the list:

$2.00/1 PullUps Training Pants (Jumbo+) exp 8/31
$1.00/1 PullUps Wipes exp 8/31
$1.00/1 Scott Paper Towels 4 Rolls + exp 8/31
$5.00/1 Cars 2 World Grand Prix Race Launcher exp 8/31

Walk with Walgreens: New Coupons!

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I mentioned this eons ago…or so it seems.   I just logged into my Walk with Walgreens account to add some steps.  Oh puhleez, do not think I’ve either been walking regularly OR logging in either.  I haven’t logged in since I signed up and wrote my first post.  Anyway, I have a couple of coupons to reward me for my inactivity!  Perhaps you do too!

$0.50/1 Sprite Zero 20oz
$1.00/2 Dasani 20oz or 1L

Also, in the First Steps Kit, there is still the coupon for the pedometer as well as a new printable 7 Day Trial Pass to Lifetime Fitness and textable code for a discount at Famous Footwear.  These are available on your profile page under Rewards.

Perhaps not so perplexing, as this is Walgreens we’re talking about, is that they indicate that the available rewards are as follows:  $1.00/1 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer and $1.00/1 Degree.  Yeah…if you can find these, let me know.

Freebie Free for All 5/29-6/4: Updated!

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UPDATED Thursday 3:37pm
Every week, I try to compile all the hidden deals that you all tell me about in one place – the Freebie Free For All.  It’s a fun little place to find all the non-ad sales, unadvertised deals and other goodies.  As always, I will add to this as the week progresses and new freebies appear.  Bookmark this link to keep current with all the updates and add these items to your trip(s)!

Also, you very observant people have noticed that it seems not everything is covered here.  Here  is a  new example.  A few of you have emailed me in the last day or so about Cortaid at CVS.  As I told my wonderful informants (sounds like a CIA kinda thing :) ), I won’t include that here because it’s in my match-ups.  Since the reported prices are ranging from $4.59-$5.29 and my match-up price is at $4.99 – middle of the road,  I don’t want to restate something you’ve already seen.  I will, however, start linking the store names to the match-ups for that week, so you can look them over again if you think you recall something that has been overlooked.  Let me say this, though, so you don’t get the wrong idea.  Always send me a note if you think I’ve missed something.  You KNOW I love to hear from you and I really want to have a comprehensive list of the week’s deals for YOU, so don’t ever hesitate to send me something just because you’re wondering if I already have it & haven’t checked, etc.    Oh, and clearly I miss things or this list wouldn’t be so long! ;)

Holy moly, look for the bonus packs of the Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor that have a free headphones set in them!  You’ll snag the razor set and headphones for just $0.99 after ECB!

Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor Kit $6.99
$3.00 ECB on 1
$3.00/1 5/1SS
Final after ECB: $0.99!

Vitamin Water 20oz 5/$5.00
$2.00 ECB on 5
$1.00/5 HERE
Final after ECB:5/$2.00 or $0.40ea

Hershey’s Drops or Pieces 4/$10.00
$2.00/2 5/1SS
Pay: $6.00 wyb 4
Get $3.00 ECB
Final after ECB: 4/$3.00 or $0.75ea

Big Red Roulette – Scan your card and you might get:
$6.00/1 Revlon Colorstay Face or Custom Creations Cosmetics Big Red Coupon
$0.50/2 Dove Candy Bars 3oz+

Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder $10.99
$6.00/1 Revlon Colorstay Face or Custom Creations Cosmetics Big Red Coupon
$2.00/1 5/8SS
Pay: $2.99
Get $4.00 ECB on $10.00
Final after ECB: $1.01 Moneymaker!

Dove 3.3oz $1.99
$0.50/2 Dove Candy Bars 3oz + Big Red Coupon
$1.00/2 5/1RP
Final: $1.24ea

Rite Aid

Renpure on Facebook stated a couple of days ago that they WILL NOT honor the hang tag rebate when used in conjunction with the UP Reward offered this week.  The deal looks like this:
Renpure Organics Shampoo or Cond $4.99
$4.99 UP Reward on 1 (lim 2)
Final after UP: FREE

Twizzlers Single Serve Packs 2/$1.00
$1.00/2 May or June VV
Final: FREE

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Box $0.99
$0.50/1 Rite Aid Peelies (Widespread availability)
Final: $0.49

Pepperidge Farm Cookies 1.2oz $0.99
$0.75/1 5/15SS
Final: $0.04-0.24 depending on wellness + discount

Substitution City
I think it has more to do with the fact that it’s a holiday weekend with select special items deeply discounted, but many people are telling me that out of stock items are being replaced with comparable, and sometimes better,  items!  Crackerfuls are the big one being replaced with items also producing the $2 RR – Ritz, Triscuit and Wheat Thins, followed by Reynolds Wrap, seasonal items like the 3pk Bubbles, water guns and more.  If something is out of stock, kindly express your disappointment and inquire about whether or not they’d be willing to make similar substitutions.

IcyHot is being reported on endcaps as well as the travel section, so check there too!

Haribo Gummi Bears 2/$2.00
$0.30/1 HERE
Final: $0.70ea

Purina One Dog/Cat Food 6oz $1.99
$2.00/1 5/22SS (exp 6/21)
Final: FREE

Skinny Cow Crisps/Clusters 2/$5.00
2 – $1.00/1 All You June
Pay: $3.00
Get $1.00 RR on 2
Final after RR: 2/$2.00 or $1.00ea

National Catalina Deal
4 – V8 V-Fusion $4.49
Total: $17.96
1 – Ad Coupon (deducts $5.96)
2 – $1.00/2  V8 or HERE
Pay: $10.00
Get $3.00RR
Final after RR: 4/$7.00 or $1.75ea

Rimmel Nail Enamel 2/$4.00
$2.00/1 HERE (Facebook)
Final: 2 FREE

Walgreens Baby Care 2/$10.00
Prem. Jumbo Pack Diapers
216-234pk Wipes
$2.00/1 Diapers Walgreens Infant Care Booklet
$1.00/1 W Brand Booklet
Final: 2/$4.00 or $2.00ea!

Thanks, Lynn, Emily, Marie, Kelly, Karen, Angela and The Coupon Posse Wild for Wags!


Pampers Gifts to Grow: 10 Point Code!

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Enter the code 4XGHB4HPE7PB7NK to get another 10 points.  You have until 6/4/11 to redeem this one.

Also, if you’re new to the Gifts to Grow program, sign up here and you’ll get 100 free points just for doing that!  It’s never to late to get in on the fun either.  Accumulating points is easy whether you buy participating products or not!  With very few points, you can pick up some very nice rewards.

Rite Aid: Dermoplast & Finesse Moneymakers!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.
This new single check rebate started yesterday and overlaps with an UP Reward deal at Rite Aid.  First, let me say that while the SCR is available on the Liquid Bandage and Spray, the sale items are 0.5oz-1oz, which means only the spray is included.

Assorted Items $5.99

New Skin 0.5-1oz
Dermoplast 2.75oz
Murine Ear Wax Remover Drops 0.5oz
$3.00 UP Reward on 1 (lim 4)
$1.00/1 Dermoplast
$1.00/1 New Skin
Final: $1.99


1 – Dermoplast $5.99
2 – New Skin $5.99
Total: $17.97
1 – $1.00/1 Dermoplast
2 – $1.00/1 New Skin
1 – $3.00/$15 Survey Coupon
Pay: $11.97
Submit for 2 – $2.00 SCR
Get 3-$3.00 UP Rewards
Final after UP: $1.03 Moneymaker!

Thanks, Kelly!

While I was looking through the list, I also noticed Finesse Clean & Simple Conditioner with a $3.00 SCR.  The Try Me Free peelies are still widely available, so you’ll want to keep your eye out for those and a really nice possible double dip on a sale or a free product with no sale since the Try Me Free is worth up to $3.99 and the SCR is $3.00.


Moneymaker: 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Oil!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Pair the coupon above with this new rebate and you have yourself a moneymaker!  It’s almost too easy.  Buy a can of 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Oil at someplace it’s guaranteed to be the lowest price…like Walmart.  Complete  the ORIGINAL rebate form ONLY including your receipt and all necessary information and mail it off for a rebate of up to $4.99.  I would expect this to be priced in the $3.99-$4.29 range, so with the coupon, you’re looking at a $1.25 moneymaker!  We love this stuff around the house.  It solves door &  bicycle problems, as well as loosens a child’s death grip on a favorite toy…well, not REALLY, but it would be nice. :)

Review & Giveaway: Silk Soy Milk 10 Day Challenge!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Recently, I was invited to take the Silk Soy Milk 10 Day Challenge.  So, for 10 days, I skeptically swapped my regular milk out for Silk.  As I did so, I recalled an experience I had previously with Soy Milk.  Blech.  Don’t get the wrong idea about that either.  I used to be the health freakiest person you’d ever meet and almond milk  was my preference.  With cautious optimism, I expected chalky nastiness with an indescribable aftertaste.  While I was aware that the taste of Silk differed from that of regular milk, that was NOT a bad thing.  It was really good actually.  In many ways, I liked it better for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s Plant Based – Plant Based Foods Have Long Term Benefits  Studies have shown that 25 grams of soy protein daily, as part of a diet low in sat. fat & cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.  Silk has 0.5g sat. fat while 2% milk has 3gms.
  • Lactose Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Calcium Equal to Dairy Milk
  • Dairy Free
  • Replacing Dairy Milk with Silk Saves 14,000 Gallons of Water Per Household Per Year – Due to Processing Differences
  • Three varieties, Soymilk, Pure Almond and Pure Coconut (I didn’t know about that one).  If I could have it in the house, Pure Almond would be my favorite.
  • Processing ONE half gallon generates 65% FEWER greenhouse gases than one half gallon of milk

Am I making any permanent change?  Aaahhh…No.  All are *made in a facility* with tree nuts and that’s a big no-no in my house. Even if I could, I wouldn’t make any total substitution, but a little almond milk here and there would be REALLY nice.

Now for the giveaway, the first FIVE people who tell me which Silk product (of the 13 available varieties) they’d like to try will receive one $1.00/1 Silk Half Gallon!   Comments are only valid on the blog.  Facebook comments do not count!

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent.  While I received no financial compensation for this review, I received two free product coupons and 5 – $1.00 coupons.  The thoughts and opinions here are completely my own.

Food For Thought: On Housing – Less Is More!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

I would never say that I couldn’t do this because I could…easily. You can view their You Tube tour HERE too.  I loved it.  While I feel that their son currently doesn’t have adequate space, overall, it’s a refreshing change of pace and perspective.  What do you think?

Video: Family Lives in 320-Square-Foot ‘Shotgun Shack’

By Stefanos Chen | Posted Jun 1st 2011 11:30AM 681 comments

Having trouble qualifying for a home loan? Then consider what this inventive family of three did and buy yourself a Mississippi-style “shotgun shack.”

Sick of working two jobs apiece to pay the mortgage on their 2,000-square-foot home, Debra and her husband Gary decided to give it all up and start over – by purchasing a 320-square-foot shack for $15,000 cash.

The video below, first submitted to the blog faircompanies.com on an open call for videos of tiny homes, shows the couple and their teenage son living mortgage-free in their surprisingly spacious abode.

The home includes a walk-in closet, conventional-sized appliances and even a lofted bedroom for their son that, the family boasts, is big enough to host sleepovers. Watch the video below to see just how far a little ingenuity can take you, even in today’s prohibitive mortgage market.


What I’m Printing – 6/2 – Cedar Point, Sally Hansen, Enfagrow, Neosporin and MANY More!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.


Zip 48329
$1.00/2 Edy’s Slow Churned Shakes or Smoothies (Kroger)
$3.00/1 Stetson (Walmart)
$5.00/1 Coty Fragrances – Nautica or Adidas (Walmart)
$0.55/1 Reser’s Cut Potatoes 20oz
$2.00/1 Sally Hansen Lip
$1.00/1 US Weekly
$1.00/1 Sundown Naturals or Marvel Heroes vitamins
$1.00/1 Aleve D
$7.00/1 Cedar Point Regular Admission
$5.00/1 Enfagrow
$3.00/1 FlexAMin
$1.00/1 People Royal Wedding Special Issue
$3.00 off Both Alka Seltzer Antacid AND Plus Cold
$1.00/1 Spot Shot Stain & Odor Eliminator
$1.25/1 3in1 Multipurpose Oil Can
$1.00/1 HTH Pool or Spa Care Product
$2.00/1 Citracal Calcium Gummies or Slow Release 1200 Product
$1.00/1 Citracal Product
$0.50/1 Tropicana Trop 50
$1.00/2 Spic/Span

Zip 30031
$1.50/1 House of Tsang Entree (avail at Publix)

Zip 60110
$0.75/1 Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snack

These are HERE:
$0.55/1 Challenge Butter
$1.00/1 Jose Ole

These are HERE:
$0.75/2 Yoplait Products – GoGurt, Splitz, YoKids and more (again…)
$1.00/1 Neosporin Lip Health
$0.50/8 Yoplait Cups
$0.50/1 Reese’s Puffs Cereal
$0.50/2 BC Suddenly Salad
$0.50/2 BC Fruit Roll Ups
$1.00/2 General Mills Cereal
$0.50/1 Bisquick Baking Mix 28oz +
$0.50/1 Cheerios Cereal
$0.75/1 Fiber One Cereal
$1.00/1 People Magazine Royal Wedding Special

Go HERE for these:
$1.00/1 Lever 2000
$0.50/1 WishBone Dressing, Western Dressing and Salad Spritzer
$0.40/1 Country Crock Product

Don’t miss these:
$0.50/1 Scott Naturals Napkins 400ct
$1.00/1 PJ’s Organics Burritos or Meals
$2.00/1 Kentucky Legend Ham or Turkey
$1.00/2 Preserve Toothbrushes or Razors
$1.00/1 Cooked Perfect Italian or Beef 1.5lb Meatballs
$1.00/2 Hershey’s drops or Reese’s Minis
$1.00/1 Saga Product
$1.00/1 Dare Crackers
$1.00/1 Hellmann’s Mayo 30oz+
$1.00/1 CleanWell Product 4oz+
$0.50/1 Bailey’s Creamer
$0.50/1 Our Best Meatballs or Hamburgers
$2.00/1 Allegra 24hr 30ct

Starkist SeaSations (didn’t print, so I don’t know the value)
$2.00/1 Jamba Juice Fruit Refreshers w/Coconut Water (valid through 6/8)
$1.50/1 Stouffer’s Sautes for Two
Several Stouffer’s Coupons
$1.00/2 KoolAid Canisters (Facebook – under  Noches de PeliKoola and Quiero Mi Cupon)
$1.00/5 Vitaminwater
$1.00/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash
$1.00/2 Bar-S Product
Downy Coupons ($10 Value)
$1.00/5 Fresh Produce (Wegmans) (exp 6/11)
Fage Yogurt
Stonyfield Farm Coupons (reset each month)
Stonyfield Farm on Facebook - Watch Video to Print – These may, or may not, overlap the site coupons.
Lifeway Kefir (reset each month)
$0.70/1 Cheez It Colby

Thanks, Kelly, Lynn, Marie, Free Coupon AlertsCoupon Clippin DaddyMojo Savings!

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