Walgreens: Cottonelle 12pk for $1.50ea! One Day Only – 7/31!

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There is, perhaps, nothing better to a couponer than free or cheap toilet paper.  Haha!  It’s like trash bags.  Getting them free or super cheap is often a feat.  In this case, nothing spells victory like a good catalina deal.  You remember that moldy catalina deal on Cottonelle?  It’s back and better than ever.  It will overlap with the new Walgreens coupon booklet for one day only, July 31st. That fab new coupon will be available in the August coupon booklet and will knock $1/1 Cottonelle 12 Large Rolls (5614).  Here are the specifics of the catalina, if you’re like me and can’t remember them – only that you did it!

Buy 2 Get $3.50RR
Buy 3 Get $4.50RR

Here’s our deal:
2 – Cottonelle  12pk $5.00 (regular price)
Total: $10.00
1 – $1.00/1 Walgreens August Coupon Booklet (deducts $2.00)
2 – $0.75/1 7/17SS (or $0.50/1 HERE  )
Pay:  $6.50
Get $3.50RR on 2
Final after RR: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea!

I only have ONE measly insert from that particular week, so I guess I better order some coupons!  Our stockpile is pathetically low.

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  1. Rebecca says

    If you live near a jewel (not sure where you are from), at the jewel by me where you get the sales ad, they have a sheet of coupons (i think there is like a racecar driver on the cover…. not sure, i ripped all the coupons out and threw the rest away) and there is a cottonelle one dollar off 12 pack in it. they are free to take and also in it are some viva paper towels, scotts, and huggies.

    • Melissa says

      I wish I did! It probably has something to do with this promo for Cars 2 or something like that. Darn, I forgot all about that. I’ve got all kinds of codes for Huggies Jumbo packs that I’ve tossed. 50 points will get you a $10 prepaid Visa card, but no, the Cottonelle isn’t included. Boo. Still time for a repost on that deal though, I think!

    • Melissa says

      Sure! The RR is a national catalina that is running right now and unadvertised. Sometimes I find out about them by walking the aisles and see tags advertising them. Sometimes I find them HERE. Sometimes it is just dumb luck. Even though they’re unadvertised, the Catalina or RR will still print as long as the dates are valid. I compile a list of them every month as they pop up.

      • Nikki says

        I was wondering if you have had any cashiers tell you it’s not possible to use a Wags coupon from the monthly booklet and a manufacturer Q because they consider them to both be manufacturer coupons. It happened to me. Is it a new corporate policy?

        • Melissa says

          Oh yes, I don’t know if you know me from A Full Cup, but I’m the forum leader for Walgreens there. This comes up all the time, and no, there is no new policy. I have a few suggestions that may or may not work. First, *arm* yourself. Manufacturer coupons start with a 5 or 9. If you look at the Walgreens coupons they have 5 numbers, but the first four are the four digit Walgreens code they can use to just key in the coupon and you receive the discount. While you’re dealing with people who don’t believe that Walgreens coupons are Walgreens coupons, always bring the policy with you too. The section about multiple coupons covers how many coupons you can use against each item purchased. Next, if you didn’t talk to a manager, always try that first. As you can probably guess, this line of thinking usually comes from them. Next up, corporate. Have ready the store information – location and perhaps a receipt which indicates the store number and your cashier. If it were me, I would call them. You can fill out the contact us form on the website, but I think it’s more helpful to call them directly and tell them your problem. I guarantee they hear this all the time and I’ve never heard of anyone not getting a positive result – just make sure you exhaust your local resources first – talk to manager, etc. Here’s the info: Customer Service – 1-877-250-5823. Let me know what happens!

  2. Couponer048 says

    I was wondering if the catalina will print out because in couponnetwork.com it has print by 07/29/2011, i was wondering is this when it stops printing. Or what does this mean

    • Melissa says

      I think it must have something to do with couponnetwork. Those dates often don’t line up with the catalina deal dates. Since I don’t have the paper promo anymore, I pulled this image from Google by Southern Cali Saver. She’s got a great scan HERE with the effective dates of the deal.

    • Melissa says

      Nope, we refer to that as *rolling* and most catalina’s/RR’s don’t roll. Occasionally you’ll hear that they do (mostly P&G), but even so, the fine print indicates that they shouldn’t be used to purchase items from the same manufacturer. Hope that helps & feel free to ask away if you have more questions! 🙂

  3. Kara says

    I haven’t stopped in to check, but is the August coupon book even available to customers?
    My past experience with Walgreens is that they will not set out the coupon books early, even if you are inquiring about them.

    • Melissa says

      You are right about that! I do know several people who have the opposite experience though. Of course, I think they’re making it up. Hee hee. That said, you probably won’t be able to get one yet, but will able to on the 31st. That’s when it starts…August starts July 31st in Walgreens land….which makes everything they do even more ironic 😉

  4. Elaine says

    Did you girls buy the exact same item pictured in this post?

    My cashier said that the RR offer is for the “horizontal” 12-pack (pictured on couponnetwork.com) and not the “vertical” one that is sold for $5.00 and it is pictured in this post.



    • Melissa says

      Dunno if I can help or not. I do know for certain that it WAS working for the $5 great price or whatever it says 🙂 on 7/24. They were newer packaging and the UPC ends in 29578.

      • says

        Im sorry,Im so confused,Ive never done this before I get how you do the deal (I think) But what I dont get is how you can stock up if you cant use the( RR-cat) twice,I guess my question is if I go in thier and want say 6 COTTONELLE TP how do I get them all at once or cant you do it like that,do I do 3 transactions,help please,im losing all this deals at was cause everyone else gets it ,and dumb me doesnt help please,make it simple,as me please LOL LOl

        • Melissa says

          First, don’t be sorry and you are far from dumb. Couponing is like a foreign language! And in thinking about it, you’re right on the money about not being able to roll the RR ~ i.e. pay for more Cottonelle with the RR from another Cottonelle trip. Each trip, and you have to buy them in sets of two, is going to cost you money. After your 3 trips, you will have a stack of 3 RR’s you can use on other items. Each trip is going to set you back $6.50. That said, using couponer mentality, it is better to pay $6.50 and get something back then pay $6.50 and get nothing. So yes, you go in and buy two, pay, leave. Rinse & repeat. 😉 If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. That is what this site is for and exactly why I’m here.


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