Lowe’s: Poinsettia 1 Qt Potted Plants $0.50 + Free In-Store Pick-Up!

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Karen sent me an e-mail to let me know that her Lowe’s in Raleigh, NC has Poinsettia potted plants – 1qt for $0.50!  My store in Michigan has them for $2.98.  Of course, they still think we’re in some kind of automotive economic boom up here.  Pffft…anywho, check out your local store and see if you’ve got ‘em for a song.  If you’d like, you can go through Ebates.  They’re offering 5% cash back on purchases from Lowe’s right now, which beats Shop At Home’s 3%.   It’s also free to pick them up in-store.

And you know, if you have small children and you were wondering whether or not they’re extremely poisonous to humans, they’re not.  For heaven’s sake, don’t run out and eat them though! :/

Thanks again, Karen!

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