Food For Thought: Avoiding Pink Slime & Arsenic

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This is not meant to start any controversy, but provide some direction for you if you feel trapped by what’s going on with our food supply.  Most of us have heard the reports about high arsenic levels in rice and juice, as well as reports of pink slime in the beef and chicken supply.

As you probably also know, several readers and myself talk about a variety of topics on a daily basis. Current events tend to reign supreme, and this one keeps coming up over and over.  And since I’m not a fan of fear, but solutions,  I thought I’d give you a bit of direction if you’re looking to avoid some of these things.

This is an update from ABC regarding their original report about Pink Slime in beef.  It gives short list of those who sell pink slime beef and those who do not.  If your store is not on the list and you’re concerned that they sell it, ask.  If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, do what you can to get one.  If you’re still nervous, trust your instincts.  Shop a different store or buy from a local farmer.

Comments from other grocery store chains:

This is an old report about arsenic in rice, but it has recently come back into focus because of a study done by Dartmouth University that noted organic brown rice syrup from the US is heavily contaminated with arsenic.  Nevertheless, this article outlines the states with the highest contamination levels- Louisiana and Arkansas.  That remains accurate today.  If your packaging indicates origin, opt for rice grown outside the US or in California.  Here is a FAQ from Dartmouth and another article that discusses washing your rice and other proactive measures you can take to reduce your exposure.

You may also have heard that there are high arsenic levels in juices.  This is a quick guide from Dr. Oz that will tell you what to look for when you purchase apple juice.

Again, this is not meant to stir up any controversy.  This blog has always been, at the core, about being sensible.  As much as  I enjoy providing you help in shopping drugstores as if they’re dollar stores, it has always been about intelligent decision-making and  informed choices FIRST.

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