Walgreens: Freebies & Cheapies 4/8-4/14! 1 Freebie & 21 Under $1!

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New Stuff

If you have a prescription you’d like to transfer to Walgreens, they’ll give you a $25 Walgreens Gift Card for doing so!  Check out my old  post if you haven’t seen it.

If you missed it, you can read my latest post that discusses the *Bonus Buys* and changes coming for the mobile coupons and more.  The matchups begin with them.

It’s also a new month, so that means a new coupon booklet.  You can view the coupon list  HERE and print them, too.

Old Stuff

Since I do this for you, I listen to your suggestions.  In recent weeks, more than a handful of you have mentioned that you saw a deal elsewhere and thought I must not have it in the match-ups only to go back through the match-ups and see it there.  Sheesh…I hope THAT makes sense.  Hah!  Here’s my attempt at solving that problem.  I’m going to highlight  deals that I think are particularly good in BLUE.  Why blue?  Don’cha know?  I’m outta colors!  🙂  You know I color code everything to the moon.  So when you see something BLUE, it’s worth noticing ~ above and beyond the regular MM, Freebies and green deal ideas.

As always, this is the full list of items under $1.00 and all the Register Rewards deals.  Now, here’s my updated blurb about the Walk with Walgreens program because I want to remind you about the coupons that you COULD be getting just by logging in here and there.  And oh, do I ever mean here and there….3 times in 2ish months is my average.  If you aren’t familiar with the Walk with Walgreens program, check out these earlier posts HERE and HERE.

Possible (somewhat current) Walk with Walgreens Coupons:
$1.00/1 Sprite Zero 12pk
$1.00/1 Bayer Aspirin 50ct+
$1.00/1 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer
$1.00/1 One A Day Vitamins 60ct
$0.50/1 Extra Gum Single Pack
$1.00/1 Caress Body Wash Daily Silk
$1.00/1 Sprite Zero 12pk (got one previously too)
$1.00/1 Citracal Product
$1.00/2 Dasani 20oz or 1L
$0.50/1 Sprite Zero 20oz

There may be more of these.  Allow me to reiterate,  I am NOT active on that site as much as I could be.  These also have short expirations, so make sure you plan to use them if you’re going to print. I’ve had them sitting in my account for some time, so you may want to risk banking them for a deal.

Also, I mentioned in an earlier post that there was supposed to a coupon for $1.00/1 Degree as well.  I never got it, so let me know if you do.

When I started, these were my sign-up coupons:
$1.00/1 One A Day Vitamins 60ct
$0.50/1 Planter’s Appalachian Trail Mix

Also under the rewards tab, and available on signup, is the First Steps Kit.  It contains:
$5.00/1 Omron Pedometer
7 Day Pass to Lifetime Fitness
and a text available discount code to Famous Footwear

Items within a particular sale grouping are BROWN and deal ideas are GREEN.  Clearance is PURPLE.

Need more help deciphering my match-ups?  Here you go or send me a message.



Bonus Buys

Gum $0.69
Dentyne or Trident 16ct
Eclipse 18ct
$1.00/2 Dentyne 3/4SS
Final $0.19ea wyb 2

W Pantiliners 20-22ct 2/$1.00
Final: $0.50ea wyb 2

Buy One at $2.49 Get One FREE
Werther’s, Riesen or Toffifay
$1.00/2 Werther’s SF 
Final: 2/$1.49 or $0.74ea

Pepsi Next 2L $0.88

Odwalla Nutritional Drinks 12oz $1.79
BOGO HERE (Mailed) Recyclebank
$0.55/1 1/8SS
Final: as low as $0.89ea with Recyclebank coupon

Cafe W or Nice Bakery Items 3-6oz $0.99

Simply Lemonade 59oz $1.99
$1.00/1 printable (NLA)
$0.50/1 Walgreens Heart Health & You
Final: $0.99

Walgreens First Aid $1.00
Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz 2ct
Final: $1.00

Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly 32oz 2/$4.00
$0.55/1 2/12RP
Final: 2/$2.90 or $1.45ea

Dulcolax Lax or Stool Soft 100ct $19.99
$3.00/1 Wags Apr Coupon Booklet
$3.00/2 3/4SS or HERE
$1.00/1 2/26SS or 3/4SS or HERE 
Final: $15.49

L’oreal RevitaLift 0.4-1.7oz $5.00 off
Clinical Repair
Wrinkle Repair
$10 MIR on $30 Revitalift Clinical Repair 10 or Youth Code 
$1.00/1 Skincare Product 3/18RP or 3/4RP or 2/19RP
Final: Varies

**********END BONUS BUYS*********** 




Reach Total Care Toothbrush $2.99
$2.00RR on 1
$1.00/1 3/4RP
Final after RR: FREE



Luster Toothpaste 2.6-8oz $4.99
$4.00RR on 1
$0.75/1 3/18SS
Final after RR: $0.24

Hershey’s Candy Singles $0.59
1.4-2.5oz (excludes king size)
Final: $0.59

orbit Gum 14ct $0.69 with ad coupon
(lim 6)
Final: $0.69

Nice or W Candy 1.75-9.5oz $0.69 with ad coupon

Kleenex Tissue 24, 70 or 100 sheets $0.99
$0.30/3 3/11SS
Final: $0.89ea wyb 3

Ajax Dish Liq 16oz $0.89 with ad coupon
(lim 3)
Final $0.89ea

Buy One Get One FREE
Summer’s Eve Feminine Care ($3.99ea)
$2.00/2 All You Feb
$2.00/2 External Product 
Final: 2/$1.99 or $0.99ea

Good & Delish or W Sweetener 100ct $0.99

Dove or Degree APDO 2.6-3oz $1.99 with ad coupon
$1.00/1 Cleartone
$1.00/1 Dove Men+Care printable (NLA)
$1.00/1 Men+Care 3/25RP
$0.75/1 Dove Cleartone, Go Sleeveless, Go Fresh or Clinical 3/25RP
Final: $0.99

Earthgro Potting Soil 4qts $0.99

Gardening Supplies $1.00
Trowel and other implements
Seed Packets
Final: $1.00

Progresso Soup 18.5-19oz 4/$5.00 ( $1.99ea)
$1.00/4 2/26SS
Final: 4/$4.00 or $1.00ea

Vitamin or Smart Water 20oz or 23.7oz 3/$3.00 with ad coupon
(lim 3)
Final: $1.00ea wyb 3

Cookies or Crackers 4/$10.00
Keebler 11.5-16oz
Kelloggs Special K Cracker Crisps 4oz
NutriGrain Bars 8ct
Special K Bars 5-6ct
Rice Krispies Treats 8ct
Cheez It 9oz
$3.00RR on 4
$0.75/1 Special K Granola Bars 
$0.70/1 Keebler Fudge Stripe Dark Choc  (zip 12345)
$0.70/1 Special K Chips

$0.70/1 Cheez It
$0.55/1 Fudge Stripe Cookies 2/19RP
$0.55/2 Keebler Cookies 2/19RP
Final after RR: $1.05ea wyb 4 Fudge Stripe or Special K Chips or $1.00ea for Special K Granola Bars

General Mills Cereals 10.7-12.8oz 2/$5.00 ($2.99)
$1.00RR on 2
$0.85/1 Kix 
$0.75/1 Cheerios Multigrain 
$0.75/1 Kix 
$1.10/2 Cereal
$0.60/1 Cereal 
$1.25/2 Cereal 
$1.00/2 Kids Cereals 
$1.00/3 Cereal 3/11SS
Final after RR: $1.15ea wyb 2

Kellogg’s PopTarts 8ct 3/$5.00 ($1.99ea)
$1.00/3 Poptarts  Or 3/4RP (exp 4/15)
Final: $1.33ea wyb 3

Ragu Pasta Sauce 16-24oz 2/$4.00 with ad coupon
(lim 4)
$0.50/1 printable (NLA)
Final: 2/$3.00 or $1.50ea

Finish Dishwasher $3.99
Tabs or Gelpacs 20ct
Jet Dry 8.45oz
$1.50RR on 1
$0.75/1 Jet Dry
$0.75/1 Tabs or Gelpacs 3/11SS
$0.50/1 gelpacs  or HERE 
Final after RR: $1.74

Pepsi Next 12ct 12oz $2.99
$1.00/1 Wags Apr Coupon Booklet
Final: $1.99

Gillette Venus w/Olay Razor $8.99
$4.00RR on 1
$2.00/1 4/1PG
Final after RR: $2.99

Sensodyne Toothpaste 4oz $4.99
$1.00/1 Wags April Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 ProNamel 
$0.75/1 Product 
Final: $2.99

Buy $15 Get $4 RR

Walgreens Allergy $4.00
Sinus, Allergy or Cold 24ct
Wal Phed PE 24 or 36ct
Soothe or 16oz or 24 or 40ct

Medicine Cabinet $5.00
Ibu 100ct
JR St Tabs 24ct
Pain Rel. Quick Gels or Caplets 100ct
Child Pain Relief 4oz
AntiDiarrheal Caplets 24ct

Medicine Cabinet $7.00
All Day Pain Relief Tabs 100ct
Reusable Cold Compress

Final: $3.66ea wyb 3 $5 items

Energizer Max Batteries $6.49
8ct AA or AAA
$1.00/1 Wags April Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 3/25SS
Final: $4.49

Schick Intuition or Quattro Razor $8.99
Cartridge 3-4ct
$3.00RR on 1
$1.00/1 Quattro for Women Trim Style 
Final after RR: $4.99

Buy John Frieda Prec. Foam Color $11.99
Get JF Sham or Cond 8.45oz FREE
$2.00/1 Precis. Foam Color 3/4SS
$3.00/2 Product 2/12SS
Final after RR: $9.99 for Both ($4.99ea)

All Laundry Det 84-96 loads $11.99
$1.00RR on 1
$1.00/1 4/1RP or 3/4RP or HERE 
$3.00 off All Laundry and Clorox 2 
Final after RR: $9.99

Buy One at $20 Get One FREE
IDT Phone Card
350 minutes (lim 4)
Final: $10.00ea

Similac Infant Formula 22.5-23.2oz $24.99
$2.00RR on 1
Final after RR: $22.99

Be sure and take a look at all the great deals we've posted today here!

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