EpiPen Carriers: FREE Carrying Case When You Register an EpiPen! (Updated 2016)

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Oooh, you all know this is near and dear to my heart.  Mylan Specialty, the maker of the EpiPen, is offering a free carrying case when you register any EpiPens that you may own.  That includes the EpiPen 0.3mg, as well as the EpiPen Jr. 0.15mg

To request your free carrying case, you’ll need the lot number and expiration of any one EpiPen that you may have.  Login or sign up and you’ll be able to register up to 6 EpiPens and to receive email or text message reminders to help you keep track of your expiration dates!  Plus, they’ll send you relevant “EpiExclusive” special offers and a newsletter with tips for living with and managing life-threatening allergies.

In addition, you’ll receive Allergy Information Cards and EpiCards to fill out with important emergency contact and allergy information.  You’ll also receive keytags to alert people that you or your loved one has life threatening food allergies, one specifically for a child’s lunchbox, and EpiPen Inside! notification tags to attach to your carrying case to let people know they contain EpiPens.

Also, don’t forget to request your $0 EpiPen Co-Pay Card!  It will deduct $100 off the cost of an EpiPen 2-Pak carton!


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  1. Rick Bromley says

    Thanks for the case, it’s nice but maybe a couple of tips to make it better. Possibly offer a hard case, or one that’s a holster to strap to your leg. As offer a belt clip or clip to hold onto your pant loops. What about an area on case larger in letters as to whom it belongs to and larger wording on the holder that says epi pens so medical personnel can see it if you are unconscious or having problems and can not communicate where it’s at and that you need it. I personally love the trainer pen, as a past EMT I try to show everyone how to do it so if I ever need it they know how to use it. Even though I have it only do to a reaction to a prescribed medication.

  2. goonie says

    A free case is nice and all…..but how about they stop gouging patients and drop the price to a reasonable 50$ ‘s their retail price and allow you to buy single doses instead of $400+