No More Rack: MID 7" Google Android 4.0 OS Touch Tablet PC 1.2Ghz HDMI WiFi $61.00 Shipped!

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This deal has ended.


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to dredge up some of the great daily deal sites and rehash the details for you!

First up, No More Rack.  If you’re new and sign up under this link, you’ll receive a $10 credit you can use on a $30 purchase.  Shipping is a flat $2 per item purchased.  New deals go live each day at 12pm EST.

I’m going to assume that you’re new.  But honestly, even if you aren’t, these are some great deals.  The 1600 thread count Series Egyptian Sheet Set above is  $29.00 (ret $129.99).  There are lots of inexpensive items to tack on and use the $10 credit to score some high thread count sheets for a song.  And there are plenty of other great deals like…



The MID 7″ Google Android 4.0 OS Touch Tablet PC 1.2Ghz HDMI Wifi is $69 (ret $199.95) ~ $59 after the $10 credit and it ships for $2! This is perfect for a child!

Product Details

• RAM: DDR III 512 MB, 4-way G-Sensor
• Memory: 4GB storage; external micro SD card 1GB to 32GB supported
• Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
• Voltage: 7.4V
• Battery life: more than 6.5hrs
• Measures 7.62″ x 4.75″ x 0.37″
• Weighs: 12oz

This Women’s Quilted Jacket in Black, Cream or Gray is $26.

They’ve got Foldover Cropped Yoga Pants for $10.

A great gift is the Bella Terra 9 piece Mineral Makeup Essentials Kit for $32.  Use the $10 credit and you’ll pay just $24 ($22+$2 shipping).

Product Details

• Choose from 4 color palettes: fair, light, medium, or dark skin tone
• Includes mineral foundation, mineral blush, eye primer, two eye shimmers, mineral bronzer
• Also includes brushes for foundation, blush and eye shadow
• Get soft looking, glowing skin
• Mineral makeup won’t clog pores or irritate skin

It includes 6 cosmetic items and 3 brushes.

Now, I know I’m in the Stone Age when it comes to fashion trends.  You know I’m a classic style girl and green hair is not my thing.  The two young girls next door, however, have blue and green hair.  I should say, one blue, one green.  In my day, that meant you were rebellious and/or non-conformist or something along those lines.  I guess it doesn’t mean that anymore.  It’s just a fashion trend. Hmmmpf.  Who’da thought?  Anyway, kids today even have better ways to achieve this with less permanent results.  Again, Kool Aid was a preferred hair colorant of choice.  And no, I did not do this myself.  I certainly knew plenty of kids who did though.  But I digress, nowadays Hair Chalk is all the rage, and a far better alternative in my opinion.  No More Rack is right there in the mix with a 24 piece Hair Chalk Set for $17.

No matter which way you slice it, $10 off a $30 purchase is going to save you a chunk on a gift purchase.  They’ve got jewelry, lingerie, nail art, pillows ~ really,a  nice assortment of gift options.  Take a look.  With shipping at $2 per item, you’re bound to find something great.

Thanks, Sarah’s Deals!

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  1. Jo says

    I purchased the tablet from nomorerack and so unhappy, I want to scream. I can’t get help from the manufactuer either, but I can’t get anything but an autoresponse from nomorerack. The tablet came with parts that weren’t in the user manual, had parts discussed in the user manual that weren’t included in the shipment. I can’t even set the clock . . . the manual was written in English by obvious non-English speakers and makes little to no sense at all.

    • Melissa says

      Hello Jo,

      First, let me apologize for the length of time it has taken me to reply. Your comment was spammed, and I just found it there. My advice to you is to contact them again via their customer service department. You can do that by calling 800-538-9798 and/or emailing them. I would recommend doing both (if one is unsuccessful) and letting them know you will be requesting a refund via Paypal (if you paid that way) or via your credit card due to defective merchandise, etc. This is generally effective in situations like this. However, if it fails to have any impact, contact your credit card company or file a dispute with Paypal. It will be a hassle, no doubt, but will resolve it with your money being returned to you. In any case, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you’re dealing with, and I personally refuse to write another post about them in light of this information. One bad review is enough for me, and I thank you for letting me know what kind of experience you had.