DIY: 7 Creative Uses for Pool Noodles!

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Pool noodles are so fun and whimsical, not to mention colorful and so soft. Because of this, they can be used for so many other things besides just floating in the pool! This time of year, you can find pool noodles at your local dollar store for as little as $1, or on clearance for even less. As you can see, these pool noodles are not only practical, but quite inexpensive as well. Take a look below at 7 creative uses for pool noodles, then head over to your local dollar store and snag a few before they are pulled for the season. These colorful little creations are something you will be able to use all year long. Take a quick peek!

7 Creative Uses for Pool Noodles:

1. Make a race track.
Take a knife or box cutter and slice the pool noodle down the center lengthwise. The end result is a track with raised sides, perfect for racing toy cars down. Kids can raise an end of the noodle onto a chair to create an incline, place the car on, and let it rip! While we are talking toys, kids love turning their pool noodles into light sabers, play swords, and more. Just hand a pool noodle over and see how creative they get.

2. Play some tic tac toe.
Take four pool noodles and create a tic tac toe grid with them. You can do this right on the lawn or the basement where you have plenty of room. Toss bean bags, 2 inch cut chunks of pool noodles (2 colors) or another marker of your choice onto the grid and get a fierce game going.

3. Make a lacing game.
Kids love lacing beads, and when you chop your pool noodles into 2 inch cuts, you can create a giant lacing activity for them. Just cut your noodles into 2 inch (or larger) cuts and allow children to thread the “beads” onto rope or yarn. This is a super fine motor skill activity.

4. Start stamping.
Using these same 2 inch cuts, you can create some soft stamps. These two inch chunks are easy for children to hold, dip into paint, and stamp onto paper. You can even cut them into shapes if you want. Plus, they are easy to rinse and reuse over and over. While we are talking crafts, you can also cut a chunk of pool noodle to use as a pin cushion or to poke the ends of paint brushes into so they stay organized.

5. Make an easy door stopper.
If you want to keep a door propped, all you need to do is cut a 3 inch strip of pool noodle and then slice it on one side all of the way to the center to create a clamp. Clamp the noodle over the side of a door so when it closes, the noodle will prevent it from shutting all of the way.

6. Protect those knees.
A pool noodle is the perfect item to use when protecting your knees from the hard ground. If you work in the garage or garden often, take a pool noodle with you. Prop it under your knees and you won’t feel the pain and pressure from the hard ground. Want to protect your fingers too? Wrap a slice of pool noodle around dangerous trampoline springs and voila!

7. Use as an inexpensive filler.
Need to keep your breakables safe? Shred some pool noodles and stuff it around your objects. Want to keep your shoes or boots in great shape? Insert a piece of pool noodle into them. Need to ship a breakable item? Use chunks of pool noodle to secure the item in place in the box. Because these noodles are so soft but firm at the same time, they do this job well!

Who knew pool noodles had some many practical uses? Whether you want to entertain the kids, do some crafting, protect your knees, or just make life around your house a little easier, a pool noodle is sure to do the job for you. Give these uses a try and see how easy it is to really get your dollars worth when you buy pool noodles. Now quick, get to the dollar store before these are gone!

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