Summer Sports Camp Packing Checklist

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Summer Sports Camp Packing Checklist

If your child is headed to camp this summer, keep this Summer Sports Camp Packing Checklist handy. While this list is focused on camps just for sports, it is also a great place to start for any summer camp your child will be attending. Basic summer camp needs are addressed, as well as those specific to your kids sport needs. Summer sports camps are not only fun, they’re a great way to help build your child’s skill level, introduce them to others who also enjoy their favorite sports, as well as put them on the list college scholarships if they’re attending high school camps.

Summer Sports Camp Packing Checklist

Sunscreen & Bug Spray: These are items not typically provided by summer camps of any kind. Make sure to label and send a bottle of each for your kids to use so they don’t come home covered in bites and suffering from sunburn.

Appropriate Footwear: There will be shoes needed for their sports events and practices, but they also need comfortable footwear for going to and from other camp activities. A closed toe sandal is the most versatile since it can be used for casual wear, hiking as well as around water. If your child has more room to pack, adding in a multi-purpose tennis shoe, a sandal, and then all needs sports shoes is great.

Appropriate Clothing: Not only will they need clothing for going to practices and events, they’ll need swimwear, simple comfortable lightweight pants, and long sleeve shirt should they do hiking of any kind, sleepwear and, of course, underwear.

Bedding & Toiletries: Depending on the individual camp style, the bedding needs may be varied. For ease and comfort, a simple sleeping bag, blanket and pillow is a great direction to go. Sheets, blankets and pillows work as well, but are a bit more work for kids to keep together. Toiletries are a must, but think ahead by sending all in one shampoo & conditioners, or even the 3 in 1 that includes a body wash.

Labels: I mentioned this before, but you’ll want to be sure and label everything from toothbrush and toothpaste to deodorant since multiple kids will be using the same shower areas and it could easily get mixed up. Don’t forget to include feminine hygiene products for girls.  Mabel’s Labels has some wonderful deals on labels that are perfect for camp.

First Aid Kit: While camp will have first aid, you may want to send along things like band aids and antibiotic ointment for things like blisters or small injuries your kids can tend to themselves.

Emergency Medication:  If your child suffers from life threatening food or bee sting allergies, be sure and pack an Epi-Pen twin pack or two.  Just because your child hasn’t had more than a mild reaction before doesn’t mean the next time won’t be severe.  Epi-Pens save lives.  Discuss the allergy with the camp staff and be sure they’re trained and well equipped to handle an allergen exposure using the guidelines provided by your allergist.   Mabel’s Label’s also has fabulous allergy alert labels, too.

Emergency Contact Information: This will be in their information with the camp staff, but including a note inside their luggage is a good idea as well. This helps should they be flying or riding alone to the camp instead of being dropped off.

Shower Shoes: Sweaty kids in and out of communal showers can quickly and easily lead to a bad case of athlete’s foot. Encourage your kids to wear sandals or shower shoes in and out of the shower and to wash well. It may be an extra step they scoff at, but they will thank you later when they don’t have itchy, irritated feet and toes.

Sports Equipment: Every sport is different in needs, but make sure to have appropriate, well-fitting, quality equipment for your kids for their time at camp. Follow camp guidelines on what to send, but make sure to check in advance for anything that may need to be replaced due to wear or ill fit.

This summer sports camp packing checklist is just a guideline to follow. Every camp has different requirements and rules about what can be sent to camp with your child. Make sure to follow their rules, and never hesitate to ask questions as needed about anything that concerns you.

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