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eBay: Cheap Tissue Paper Pom Poms

We’re approaching August and that means I’m thinking birthday parties for the big kids again.  For the last few parties we’ve had at our house featuring the girls, we’ve had tissue paper pom poms.  My middle girl (<— look at that!  I have a MIDDLE girl!)  absolutely loves them.  They’re a fun, easy craft for her, and an even easier decoration for me.  They look smashing, too.  And after the party, they showed their longevity as we transitioned them to standard decorations by hanging them around the girls’ room – very close to the ceiling with some white paper lanterns.  The only problem I had with them the first time I used them was the cost.  I went to Michael’s and bought name brand pom poms – pricey, let me tell you.  Really.  Seriously pricey.  Then, I discovered them on eBay and can’t find a reason to stop buying them.  They are so ridiculously inexpensive and many ship free.  The only cautionary note I have for you is shipping time.  Some ship from the US and they say so in the description pretty clearly.  Others ship from China.  If you need them quickly, be mindful of that.

Here’s an example for you.  This 20pc Tissue Paper Pom Pom Set is $2.59 shipped and Buy One Get One 5% off.  As if it’s not already cheap enough. 20 pieces for $2.59.

There are so many others, too.  Take a look at the entire selection here.

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