Faded Glory Women’s Cami Knit Maxi Dress $6 + FREE In Store Pickup (reg. $14.88)

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Faded Glory Women's Cami Maxi Dress $6 (reg. $14.88)

Deep clearance prices on spring and summer clothing are starting to appear at Walmart.  We can expect prices to drop further in the next couple of weeks, but some items will become scarce – like this dress.  The Faded Glory Women’s Cami Knit Maxi Dress is $6 (reg. $14.88) and selling fast.

Free in store pickup may be available depending on where you live.  Alternatively, it’ll ship free with an order over $50 or you can try out Walmart’s new 2 Day Shipping Pass.  All items of any order size and amount ship free with two day delivery.  The first 30 days are free, then it’s $49 annually thereafter.

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