Sunbutter Cup Pilgrim Hats (Nut Free)

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Sunbutter Cup Pilgrim Hats


These are an easy nut-free fun treat for kids!  Make a bunch for your Thanksgiving dessert area or for a school function, if allowed.  Sunbutter makes these nut allergy friendly.  If you’re not comfortable with Nabisco Famous Wafers, you can easily substitute a chocolate sandwich cookie wafer (like KinniToos).   You’ll have to scrape off any residual filling, but they work just fine.

Sunbutter Pilgrim Hats

Sunbutter Cup Pilgrim Hats



  1. Place mini Sunbutter Cups in freezer for 10 minutes.
  2. Lay cookie wafer on parchment paper.
  3. Tint white frosting with yellow coloring to match Laffy Taffy.
  4. Using a knife, spread frosting somewhat generously on the top of the Sunbutter cup and about 1/8" around the top sides, then place onto center of cookie wafer.
  5. Cut Laffy Taffy into 1/4" squares to use as buckles for pilgrim hat.
  6. Press the back of the buckle into the frosting on the side of the hatband.
  7. Refrigerate 5 Minutes to firm.

Sunbutter Cup Pilgrim Hats


Reminder:  Manufacturing practices change over time.  While certain brands and mentioned products may be safe at the time this post is made, it may be years down the road when you may be reading this.  Please always read all labels carefully to avoid cross-contamination if you are avoiding allergens and call the manufacturer if you’re still unsure.  Always use only brands and products you have verified as safe.  Please also learn more about OIT.  My son eats cross contaminated foods whenever he wants and peanuts daily.  There is hope for people with food allergies.  Check out my series, From Fear to Fun, for more information.

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