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I’m a stay at home Mom to two gorgeous, talented, witty…I’ll stop now, kids. Yes, I love ’em, but I try not to Kathie Lee you to death about ’em.

Seriously though, times are tough and saving money while living on a single income is a necessity for me. I started this blog because I can often put together deals I don’t see anywhere else. Instead of passing them along to others, I (and several of my friends) thought: Why not do it yourself?  So, here I am!

I’ve been couponing since I was a kid, but extreme (…er crazy…er, what do we call it now?) couponing for almost 7 years now.  With that in mind, I (tell myself that I) know my way around a pair of scissors.  So whether you’re visiting from A Full Cup, where I’m  I was the Forum Leader for Rite Aid, Walgreens, Family Dollar and Dollar General and do did match-ups for all of those, or if you’re just checkin’ things out from the moon 😉 – a big WELCOME to you! I’m glad you’re here and hope you find something new!

Still want to know more?  Read on…

Yes, I’m a stay-at-home Mom, but I haven’t always been.  Once I was a little girl living in a suburb of Detroit…or Flint.  Both are almost exactly 30 miles away from my hometown, which sits right in the middle.   My Dad, who has been gone for almost as much of my life as he was in it, was the Superintendent of a local school district.  My mother was a teacher.  Yep, that probably explains a lot, doesn’t it?  I had a very *normal* childhood and growing up experience that was filled with learning opportunities.

When I finally escaped my bicycle laden existence, I spent many a year in college.  I have three associate degrees and a couple of bachelor degrees, too.  I’ve often thought of returning to the community college just to get enough degrees for some kind of record.  I’m within reach of several more, if I’d just get down to business.   It’s more likely that I’ll return for my Masters Degree in Biology and teach at a local Community College.  That is something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

Perhaps not obviously, I didn’t spend all of my adult life solely in college.  From the time I left high school until I had my son, I worked in pharmacy and loved it…even went to college for it.  My specialty was long term care and it remains my most favorite to this day.  As a matter of fact, I make a lot of my freebie trips with this in mind.  I often select items I can donate to local senior care facilities and centers.    It’s my way of staying involved in a profession I loved so much, as well as giving back to a generation I admire and feel far more connected with than my own.

My beautiful son

But as is not uncommon among the mother set, things changed when I had my son.  My husband and I were determined that I would stay home with him until he was school age.  In the back of my mind, I wanted to be home with him forever.  Well, this is how that dream became a reality.

March 2006  –  I gave my son a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and he spit it out.  Several hours later he was grabbing his tongue and itching everywhere.  It passed within 20 minutes and I attributed it to polyester pyjamas.  His symptoms were transient and he may have had hair in his mouth, I thought.  Fast forward again to November 2007, his next encounter, when he ate a mini Reese’s cup.  Within minutes, he was ill with itchy ears and was on the floor in pain two hours later.  ER visit.  Diagnosis.  Allergist.  Testing.  Shock.  Yes, we learned he was allergic, but we didn’t realize that a separate table at school wouldn’t be enough.  We now know we cannot go to the grocery store when they’re baking peanut butter cookies.  We cannot walk past a cart roasting nuts.  He cannot be around aerosolized proteins or he will have a severe reaction, so we homeschool him.

My dream became reality – just not the way I had planned.

It is cliche, but the best things in life aren’t planned.   For example,  I spent years bemoaning the fact that I didn’t finish pharmacy school after spending eons in college and years working , reading prescriptions, carefully filling them (30,000+/month), and I was error free.  I never knew how important that skill would become as I now read food labels knowing that all ingredients and warning labels must be carefully scanned.  My son’s life depends on it.  It’s a heavy burden and a mistake could cost him his life – even with fast treatment.  It’s the most horrific and sobering thought, but I don’t dwell on that often.  I pray and do the best I can.  Every day.  I know that I was trained by God for 16 years before my son was born.  I was prepared for THIS day.  It’s overwhelming, frightening, and humbling at the same time.

On another, much lighter note, that somewhat answers the blog name question.  It’s the most common question I receive.  I originally purchased this domain to be an informational site about nut allergies and thought about opening my own online store/nut free bakery.  Turns out, the bakery aspect is legalistically tricky, so I abandoned ship on that.  I kept it because I always planned to do something with it.  Well, one day I was blog surfing for deals and I had such a hard time understanding the match-ups I was reading (Mind you, I know what I’m doing.)  that I thought to myself, “This makes me nuts.”  The blog was born.  After all, cyberspace is already filled to the brim with savvy-mom-frugal-money-saving-queen-istas, isn’t it?  Don’t Make Me Nuts is impossible to confuse with that and I sure don’t like being mistaken for someone else.  I think it’s the Irish in me.

So, there you have it.  That’s me in a nutshell.  Hah, I couldn’t resist.  😉

Update: Things have changed a lot in these last few years.  My son can now eat as many peanuts as he wants thanks to OIT.  Read more about that here.