Decorating Dummy – Part 1: Thoughts

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There is no other way to say this – couponing I get, decorating…not so much.  I cannot go into a store pull out a few things that’ll work together.  No really, it’s pathetic.  I gave a LOT of thought to my resolutions this year.  One of them is to be less…linear.  So I don’t feel totally naked in this endeavor, I’m combining it with something I know well – couponing and my extremely frugal nature.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

I live in an older home, and while it doesn’t need work or updating, I do.  With that in mind, I’m going to redo my dining room.  I do hate the fixture in there…always have, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with it.  I stand and stare at it in disgust when I need to transfer my aggravation (usually caused by the other inhabitants of said dwelling) to some inanimate object.  I alternate between the fixture, *The Scrapy Wall* and the Door-That-Never-Was. The latter is defined this way:  Doors close.  Period.  To be considered a door, it must close.  It’s basically a slab of veneered garbage that swings back and forth.  You would think with my ridiculous years of education, I’d be able to do something about it…physics, angles…SOMETHING.  I define that problem this way: There is a phenomena I like to (nicely) call *book smart* vs. *life smart*.  I have learned it is much better to be *life smart* than *book smart*.   Test me on all things Biology and I’ll ace it.  If the toilet overflows,  I’m gonna drown.  While another of my resolutions is to be less Type A, I’m clearly failing that one.  I simply cannot stand my own ineptitude.  I WILL be Bobbie Vila by the end of the year.  Lord knows, I’ve got stashes of chem goggles around here collecting dust…although they’re probably so old now that they’ll disintegrate.  Pfft…  Nevertheless, I am steadfastly determined.

So how does couponing fit in here?  In the simplest terms, I’m going to find a way to do it crazy cheap….WOW cheap. The sale of the furniture I already have will offset the cost only slightly.  Based on the market value of similar pieces, it isn’t going to help significantly and crazy cheap is going to be a feat.  Couple that with the fact that I’m scared of used dining chairs (nut residue) and I’ve got myself an extreme challenge.     

What is my goal?  Something like this:     

Now, given all that I’ve told you about my taste – this is out on a limb for me, stylistically speaking.  Am I kidding?  Uhhh no.  Obviously, I cannot abandon my love of solids or clean walls…I know, linear. And really, what AM I thinking?  I have kids.  White + Kids is like Oil + Water.  I don’t care.   I hate the mix and match furniture I have and I’m determined to do something different.  For me, this is WAY different.  Trust me & go with it.  So what I plan to do is share the step-by-step with you and we’ll both learn a little something about how to decorate inexpensively.   This is gonna be soooo much fun…I think.