Spring Vacation

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Hi all!

My family and I are going on a short vacation (starting today!) so I wanted to let you know that a few things won’t get done this week.

1.)  No “Best of” drugstore deals of the week (5/15-5/21).

2.)  Full matchups won’t be posted for the drugstores this weekend (5/22-5/28).

Early next week, I’ll post an extended version of the Best of the Drugstore deals that’ll have more matchups than usual – somewhere between full matchups and the best of post.

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be taking lots of pictures of the beautiful scenery for you and I’ll post them in the next couple of weeks!



DoNuts News: How to See Time Sensitive Posts (Updated)

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I know.  It’s still a problem.  Problem or not, I’m not going anywhere. 😉  I am, however, going to help you find me.

From the main page of the site, look in the top right corner of the page to find icons allowing you to follow me in a variety of places.  You can subscribe to emails, via a reader, Twitter, and of course, Facebook.  Since the bulk of you are Facebook users, there is another way you can be sure to see any updates I post.  I don’t post a LOT.  After all, it’s just me.  You can expect to see around 10 notifications a day.  In the next month or two, you’ll see around 20 (at most) for the entire day.  That’s because there will be Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I’ll be posting.  Many will be time sensitive.


To help ensure that you won’t miss a beat, head over to the Don’t Make Me Nuts page on Facebook.  Look for the *Liked* button under the corner of the Facebook cover area that says “Welcome to Our Community!”  Hover over the *Liked* button and a dropdown menu will appear.  Check “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed.”  If you have one, you can add us to your Interest List as well.

Also, under settings in the same dropdown menu, select “All Updates”.  Really, if this doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will! 😉


Checking “Get Notifications” will put all of our post notifications in your little globe at the top of the page.  That way, you won’t miss any breaking deals or freebies.

One more thing you can do is like our posts.  You don’t have to like them all – just one or so every now and again.  Facebook uses that interaction to decide what it thinks you want to see in your feed.

Finally, if you have an unlimited texting plan, you may want to sign up for mobile alerts.  Simply text “follow DontMakeMeNuts” to 40404 and you’ll receive text alerts for every deal posted.  That’s a Twitter feature that allows you to receive Tweets without being signed up for Twitter.

Note:  You’ll receive two response messages from Twitter when you sign up.  One states to reply with”START”.  You do NOT need to do that.  It’s just to sign up for Twitter.  The next will notify you that you’ll receive updates from our page.

We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

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I just want to let you know that I’m aware of the technical difficulties you’re experiencing.  We’ve been receiving a steady increase in traffic in anticipation of the match-ups on Friday & Saturday for the last several weeks.  This week, it is overwhelming our capacity to handle it, which is both good and bad.  The remaining match-ups for Rite Aid and Walgreens will be available today – somewhere, somehow.  I will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience.

DoNuts on Facebook: How to See Time Sensitive Posts!

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Facebook is making some changes I need to address.  Generally, I keep quiet.  After all, you know how and where to find me,  and you have continued to do so despite the changes.

Now, it seems that’s getting more difficult for you to do and they’re not making it any easier for me either.  Facebook is charging business and fan pages for their messages.  Basically, if I want all of my Facebook subscribers to see the deals I post, I have to pay for it.  Ummmm, is there a coupon for that?  Har…har…. 😉

Here are a few ways around this mess until the investors arch their backs in protest of this nasty new design: Make a list!

Wait!  I will show you how!

First, login to your Facebook and head over to my fabulous page.  You’ll see something like this:

You can see that I’ve clicked the dropdown menu button next to the message area above the welcome.  From there, click *Add to Interest Lists*, then *New List*.  From this point, you can select all of the pages you’d like to include in your list.

After you’ve added all pages to your list, you’ll see them to the right of your list name.  From here, you can choose whether or not you want your friends, the public or only you to see your list.  When you’ve selected your privacy option, click done.

When you return to your Facebook newsfeed page (Home), you’ll see the Favorite List you’ve created on your left sidebar.

At this point, Facebook will select our page to show in your news feed.  So every time I post something, you’ll see it.  That way, you won’t miss any breaking deals this summer and beyond.  To make sure it’s there, go back to the DoNuts page and hover over the  *Liked* button.  A dropdown menu will appear and you should see that *Show in News Feed* is checked.  If it isn’t, check it and our posts will appear.

Finally, be sure and like any post you see.  It will help Facebook decide what/who you like and what should appear in your newsfeed.  This is VERY important.

Remember, you can always follow me via Twitter, Reader or visit my Facebook page or blog regularly to see the latest updates.  Yes, things will slow down for the summer, but pick back up in the fall and winter.  Let’s try and get all the kinks worked out before that happens.

Site Update: Going Down Again

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I just wanted to let you know that we’ll be going down again – maybe today, maybe tomorrow.  We’ll be down anywhere between 24-72 hours.  I’m hoping it’s more like 24.  If you’d like to keep up on all the latest developments, please be sure to *like* the Facebook page.

For those of you wondering what’s going on –  This move will end any further outages, streamline our posting ability, and enable us to handle spikes in traffic, as well as the growth of our community.

Thanks for your understanding, patience, and for being a part of this fabulous community.

Nutty Girl-in-Chief

Taking Your Pulse: What Are You Buying?

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Since the holidays have passed, I’ve been posting good deals on grocery items at Amazon, Groupons…well, you know.

What I REALLY want to know is: What are you looking for now that the holidays are all done?  I’ll start.

Nothing special.  I know…I know…I want good grocery deals – items under $1 in store, good deals at Amazon and clearance finds everywhere else.  Yep, that’s about it.  Now it’s your turn?  What are you buying or looking for?  You can comment on this post, discuss it in our community or send me a message .  Any other suggestions you have are always welcome, too!


What’s New With…The Website! YouTube & Our Own Community!

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Things are really starting to get exciting around here.  There are a couple of new additions that I’ve been working on for a few days that I really want to tell you about.  As I mentioned some time ago, I am going to be expanding our whole *operation* here to make it more instructional AND user friendly this year.  To that end, I’ve got this little nifty addition to our sidebar.

Nah, there’s nothing going on HERE yet, but there will be.  I’ve got a new 12 month series that I’ll be starting in the next week or so…a ‘Rubber Meets The Road’  type series about saving money where it’s tough to do so.  I won’t give away more than that, but you’ll want to check it out.  There will be associated YouTube outlines and tutorials.  I’ll break that all down for you when it matters…and when I have it all pulled together.  🙂

Next, as many of you know, I’m the Forum Leader for the Walgreens, Rite Aid, Family Dollar General/Tree at AFC (A Full Cup).   Because I want to interact with you as much as I do them…well, more actually –  I’ve created our own forum!

This Community is right here on the website and gives you the opportunity to interact with our fabulous DoNuts readers and ME!  Have a coupon question?  ASK!   Want to know who has the cheapest diapers this week?  ASK!   Want to compile a stock up price list?  Do it!  I answer questions all day long at AFC, and participate in a wide variety of discussions about various topics regarding the drugstores, grocery, and so much more.  Not only that, here on the website, we’ve got a fabulous group of really informed readers who know the answers to these questions, too.   It’s easy to join.  Just click on the “Join This Community” button and register with BlogFrog.  And yes, it’s totally free.

Once you’ve done that, you can click on the forum button (1) and then *+New Discussion*(2) to post your first topic!

As a Forum Leader, I encourage lots and lots of dialogue, but always in a respectful manner.  If the same question is asked repeatedly/new couponer question, etc., show kindness and patience with the asker.  By the way, I want you to feel free to vent here as well, but use your own judgement.  I don’t think I need to say that disparaging remarks and posts will be deleted.

In addition, when I post the F&C each week for the drugstores, and whatever other stores I’m working on, I’ll include a link to the Community discussion for that particular store or weeks deals if you think that’s something you’d be interested in.  That way, you can all talk strategy, scenarios, couponing basics, swapping, and more.   Of course, if there is something you’d like to discuss privately, you can always contact me.

Alrighty, friends, that’s what I’ve got going on right now.  I’ll keep you updated as things unfold.  Next up will be the 101 pages for the drugstores and the addition of some grocery deals.  If you have a particular grocery store you’d like covered, let me know!   Have a video topic suggestion?  Hmmm, I think I’ll pose these question in the Community! 😉

What’s New With The Blog? Matchups Button!

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You know I don’t like a lot of non-useful busy-busy ads and things on the site.  I did want an easy way for you to get straight to the match-ups without using the dropdown menu. Now, all you have to do is click the button on the main page of the site (under the coupon database button) that looks just like the one above and you’ll be taken to all the latest match-ups for each store.  I’m thinking it may be better if that took you to a SHORT store menu and you could choose each store from there.  Yes/No?  Lemme know!  Either way, it’s just another way I’m determined to make YOUR site a bit more user friendly.

Next up?  YouTube…

Perfectionistically yours,
DoNuts Owner and Nutty Girl-in-Chief 🙂

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

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And that means I’ll be taking a break to spend some quality time with my family.  For the rest of the day, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my cookie trays for our Christmas Eve family party and preparing to decorate gingerbread houses before bed tonight.  In between, kisses will drop like rain on tiny blonde heads.  Any activity will be interrupted to dance to Jingle Bell Rock.    Notes for Santa will be penned.  Carrots will be carefully chosen for the reindeer.  Oh, and Santa has requested a hamburger.  ~Darn that phone call from Santa mistake!

I love Christmas more than you can imagine and surprisingly more with each passing year.  And as is typical for me, it is early in the morning and I’m already tearing up thinking about my son.  A couple of days ago, he was thoroughly convinced he’d gotten some kind of magic dust in his eye from our elf.  Innocence.  It breaks me every time.  Well, that and the way my daughter says ‘tow-man’ for ‘snowman’.  Everything that begins with an ‘s’  is a ‘t’.  Snail=tail.  Snack=tack.   My sweet babies.

And for you, my friends, my hope is that you will enjoy this time as much as I do.  That your days ahead are filled with blessings.  That you find happiness in the things that cost nothing.  That you find great joy in living.

And because I try not to bury you with this all the time, I can finally say (again) that I’m so grateful for each and every one of you – for your prayers, inspiration, encouragement and participation.  Truly.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  What I do here is nothing without YOU.  Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

Wishing all the best to you and yours,

Site Update: Should Be Working…Again! Get Ready….Giveaway Today!

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I just wanted to let you know that I’ve deactivated some updates that were done this past week.  They’ve been causing the site to revert to *mobile view*.  In short, in our attempt to make the site more mobile friendly, we installed some updates that have been found to conflict with some existing plugins.  All mumbo jumbo aside, I got rid of them until we can figure out what’s going on.  If you continue to have trouble, please let me know and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks to all who have helped us narrow down the problem and for hanging in there,

Now, back to the deals!